Usagi Yojimbo Coming to Netflix
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Usagi not Usagi ... ? :(

It'd be like if the Sandman series decided we're not following Morpheus... We're following a descendant of Daniel named Clyde the Dreamweaver. 

So not only is it NOT Usagi... They're gonna b@stardize Gen the bounty hunter, Chizu the ninja, Kitsune the pickpocket, and Spot the tokage lizard. :cry:

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Saw the trailer and while it might be too far removed for most Usagi fans (which I think most of the negativity will come from - my best friend is frothing right now because it isn't the REAL Usagi) I think as a new standalone property it's looking pretty good. Decent animation and I'm always up for any new depictions of yokai that helps teach a wider audience about them.

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