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On 5/4/2022 at 10:49 PM, Scrooge said:

Moving forward a couple of years, still in May, to

Adventure, May 1st, 1935 - Cover by John Newton Howitt

Following this one with this - Adventure, May 15th, 1935

Really like this cover. Has a vibe that could easily make it a Doc Savage cover.


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I'll probably contact the Delaware Art Museum and give them the publishing data on the original Flanagan they have for "Prester John".  But now I can't find the full image on their website...




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May as well post here too...

Some Redbooks to keep my Bluebooks company! :cheers:

However, these Redbooks are LARGE magazine sized and not at all like their Bluebook brother (comic size).  I love that Jello ad.  xD



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Another Blue Book that was not "put away" with the rest...

Gave me an opportunity to take some pictures.


Some feebay sellers put this one at a higher price (I suppose due to the cover), but there is more of my guy Flanagan inside!


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