Original Comic Art Dealer List?
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Thanks Steve.. I can't believe I only just found this place.. and only by accident searching for something entirely unrelated to comics


I just wish I could figure out how to show pics.. can't seem to get that right.. and my signature isn't showing..


is this run by CGC ??




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oh it's run by CGC alright...and they almost ran it into the ground (just kidding Steve B.)


It's a wealth of information and it's so much easier to use than the comic-l group....


Course we have our "problem children"...but the good far out way the bad....mostly it's a good group.

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Anyone have any leads as to where i might be able to pick up a piece?


This is about as good as you're going to get for Mirage TMNT art:




The auction still has a couple of days to go, so you've still got time.


Sure would be nice to own that group of OA but unfortunately (or fortunately) i'm not a Hilton and don't have millions to spend on whatever i want.

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I just wanted to let everyone know that Mark Hay at Splashpage is awesome. The work on the site is spectacular and he is very reasonable. I highly recommend him. Albert Moy has incredible art and I have bought many pieces from him, but he definitely is a no nonsense, strictly business kind of guy. There is no other place to get Gunslinger Born Jae Lee art though, so he'll continue to get my business.

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Some of us don't have sites sicne we work at this very part time. I do instead a periodic list to to art colelctors who send me their emails- it's usually 13-16 pages long - major focus is comic book and comic strip art but it includes illustration art and a small amount of obscure animation including silent film era. I get newer post 1970 art but a lot of the list is older material- Iger shop, Classics illustrated, harvey, Dell and standard- the superhero art often moves fast.


If you want a list email me at yellowkd@terracom.net I also work off of want lists a lot and between lists just contact people if art turns up they are looking for.

Best George Hagenauer (yes the person who does the Comic Buyers Guide pieces on Art)

I will be off line a lot the first two weeks of October 2007 due to a number of other committments so if responses are delayed that is why

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Just wanted to update that I am now selling art for the following artists...


Doug Mahnke

Shawn Moll

Phil Hester

Ande Parks

Tom Nguyen


contact me here via PM if looking for particular pieces!


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If anyone had any Shadow PULP PAINTINGS, Doc Savage Pulp paintings, or any Spicy PULP paintings, please contact me.


My 2 page website for SHADOW PULP ORGINAL ART and SHADOW RARE COLLECTIBLES from the 1930's and 40's is:






306 531-2211


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