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Hello Everyone,

As the size and scale of the CGC Registry continues to grow exponentially (All thanks to you!) I would like to clarify some of the guidelines below. We want the collecting community to enjoy the camaraderie and competitiveness of the registry while keeping things as fair as possible. Hopefully these guidelines will streamline some request and eliminate some gray areas for everyone. Please feel free to DM me if you feel that something needs to be changed or added as there are many unique scenarios that we may encounter. Thank you for your participation!

Set Creation Guidelines

Set requests will be approved based on collecting interest and census totals. CGC encourages the use of the custom set functionality to create sets that are considered more esoteric in nature.

To qualify for a set creation request, there must be at least 3 total issues (not 3 different variants of issue #1) published. At least one of the issues must be listed in the CGC Census to be considered for a set creation. For sets with more than 3 eligible books, at least 25% of the issues should already appear in the CGC Census.

Modern Sets (1990-Present) will default to “Complete with Variants,” unless requested otherwise.

Vintage Sets (Pre-1990) will default to single slots unless requested otherwise. Vintage sets will only include books that share the specific title and will exclude books with a "character" reference.

Artist Cover Sets to include U.S. standard and variant covers for the specific artist. Excludes reprints, compilations books, foreign editions/reprints, and artwork references contained in the interior pages.

Complete with Variant sets will include any book that contains the specific titled character. This includes cameo appearances, crossovers, etc. 

Slot Requests

Foreign Price Variants will receive their own slot in “Complete with Variants” sets but will share a slot in all other sets.  

Foreign Editions must be placed into their own sets. Collectors can request a “Foreign Edition/Variant” set if it qualifies for the parameters above.

Numbered Sets (Ex. Action Comics #1-#100), "Complete Sets", Specialty Sets (Marvel Copper Age Set), Master Sets and Appearance Sets - Variants and additional prints (2nd, 3rd, etc.) will share a slot.

One-shot Sets, "Complete with Variants," and Artist Cover Sets- Variants and additional prints receive their own slot. 

Reprints are only accepted in “Complete with Variants” sets. (Some modern reprints are technically foreign editions)

Annuals and Giant-Size issues can be added to sets that share the same story line, title, and/or date range.

Comics and Magazines should only be combined in 1st Issue/1st appearance sets and Artist Cover Sets, where applicable. 

One-shot comics are only eligible for applicable one-shot set and "Complete with Variant" sets.

Trade Paperback books are no longer eligible to be added to sets. Any current TPB's are grandfathered in and will not be removed.

"Free Comic Book Day" comics are only eligible for Complete with Variant Sets, Character sets, or One-shots (when applicable). These do not always follow the storylines of individual sets. 

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