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Hi all,

Making my first foray into the chat boards today with a question: I was wondering how much more scarce a high grade "News Stand edition" book is in comparison to "Direct Editions". I have read that some collectors don't even distinguish between the two variants while others place a high premium on "News Stand" books. Any opinions on the matter?

I'm asking because I just got my copy of X-Men 207 back from CGC with Chris Claremont's signature and I was thrilled to see that the book had graded out to a 9.8! My copy also happens to be a "News Stand" edition and it got me thinking about how significant (or not) that might be in terms of rarity and value. I have attached a pic of the book below. Thanks in advance for your comments.

IMG_2131 (1).jpg

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1st off, most people just call them newsstands or news stands.  In 1986, there was both a robust direct market and a thriving news stand market.  Personally, I would not put a high premium on a newsstand from that era at all. But there is a huge groundswell of people who are pushing this agenda that all newsstands are more rare or valuable than the comparable direct edition. That is a complete load. Yes there are some that are (I think the high grade Image newsstands are super cool, personally) and there certainly is a lot of interesting information out there on print runs of newsstands as the market was completely dying.  I would tend to think that as the market gets more sophisticated, the last of the dying breed will continue to carry a premium over direct editions.  

So to sum up - should there be a premium for that book, I don't think so. But there might be becasue of this massive groundswell of interest in newsstands, and the popular idea that they are, across the board, more desirable and more valuable.

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