Anyone taking a break buying to save up for a must have issue?
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6 hours ago, piper said:

I’ve set aside my Heritage winnings for a Hulk 1. Hopefully, I have enough perseverance to wait and not buy other lesser keys instead.

That was my big conquest last year.  As I've started chasing these bigger keys its taken allot more selling then I've historically done. 

I've also settled for books I wouldn't have in the past. My Hulk 1 is trimmed. I was looking at some pretty beat up 1.0s and for the $$, I figured I would like a nicer looking purple label. I had never knowingly bought a restored book before that. 

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On 9/15/2020 at 5:34 PM, speedcake said:

I keep saying I will, and people keep having great sale threads here or I find shinies on ebay and so no, the answer is no.

No Hulk 181 anytime soon.  I saw this on eBay this morning and couldn’t resist.  I’ve got no self discipline it seems 


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On 9/13/2020 at 9:36 PM, KCOComics said:

Tec 1! Wow! That's a great great book. 


I stopped buying comics a few months ago to save for an AF15.  I figure the window for buying that book is closing. 

Then I had an opportunity to buy a couple of pretty big SA keys and decided to jump on it. I bought 1 already and hope to buy the other in the next few weeks.... so I'm pretty much starting from scratch for the AF15... hopefully next year. 


Haha that's a current grail I'm chasing! What a beautiful copy KO!

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