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No more laughing emoji for the reactions???

This one?  lol


All I have are like, thanks and sad faced...
I just noticed, probably something new-ish with the boards

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Booth all set! Timing was perfect... literally bought a collection of nearly 200 books the other day because it had about 10 books in it that I really wanted (made a LOT more sense in my head LOL).  So all these books are from that. Post VCC I’ll do a bigger sales thread with the rest of the books ($1-3 books mostly... WAY too lazy to deal with those this weekend, sorry!)

For now I’m going to bake my famous chocolate chip cookies to drop off (socially distanced) at our son’s college apartment tomorrow. How’s this for bad luck?

He’s a two-year captain of a Division I track & field team, who missed his entire junior year of competition because the world shut down just three weeks before the season started.  Now, with things improving, and he’s gearing up hoping to have some semblance of a senior season beginning in three weeks? Two days ago at practice he DISLOCATED HIS KNEECAP. He described it as “seeing his kneecap on the side of his knee.”  Bad news is he’ll be wearing a brace for six weeks (and for anything athletic until he’s 25)... but the good news is, if he works incredibly hard and EVERYTHING goes right, AND the season doesn’t get shut down... it’s POSSIBLE he could work his way back the final weeks of the season. 

Thus... I’m baking him some surprise cookies to drop off.

Update...  Done!




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Nice start everybody.
The Index of Sellers thread is up-to-date with links to everyone's individual booths. If anyone wants me to add a small description to what is already there, just let me know either through PM or tag me here with it and I will gladly do so.
I'll be updating this Index throughout the weekend as new sellers jump in.

Sellers, remember you can now use the Index thread to advertise any sales or new additions that you have to offer throughout the weekend.

Have a great show everyone.

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I won't be setting up this time, just too much on my plate right now! Have fun everyone and good luck to the sellers.

I will be stopping in looking for GA/SA books with giant hands on them or groovy Steranko covers so feel free to let me know if you have either in your booth.

Or Captain Marvel jr!

Or AF15!!!

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