What do you use to display your graded comics?
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There's a thread in comics general subforum showing comic rooms and displays.  Look around a bit in the first few pages, you'll probably be able to find it.  

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2 hours ago, Arkham said:

When I had my comics room in full swing, I used picture rails from IKEA. They worked a treat. 

But those collector mounts look good. The issue with individually hung books is that it’s a right PITA to get them to hang uniformly across the whole wall. 

That's a great Idea

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I've used both of the ones listed, and you can find some alternatives on Etsy as well.

But there's nothing avail I've seen that's custom or interesting visually in the way that sports memorabilia is.

Hopefully we will see more in the way of lit bookshelf style cases coming in the near future. Attaching one of the more cool things I ended up doing with the full frames, sorry for low res, had to crop it from another pic, but I liked the tilt.


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