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I was contacted on eBay for a better price on a Black Panther #1 CGC 9.8 Campbell cover from 2009.  I suggested he contact me here for a better price.  We agreed on $525 shipped and told him I would have it in the mail by Monday September 28th at the latest. I sent a PayPal invoice and he paid.  Sunday night, I packaged up the book double box in a 1092 inside a 1095 and printed the shipping label.  On my way to work on Monday, I dropped it off at the post office around 5am.







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You have definitely been scammed.  Sorry to hear, real sorry.  It's happening more and more, and even if you did the deal on eBay, the same thing could happen.  You just hope these scum get it in the end.

In the meantime, you document everything, file fraud claims with the USPS, get whatever law enforcement involved that you can.  It's a plague as big as COVID.

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Unfortunately, I had already dropped it off at the post office a few hours before this.  This was originally an Item not as described case.  Then he changed it to DAMAGED after he received it.


I never received any emails asking about the package prior to Monday the 28th.






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1 hour ago, Catwomancomics said:

This is what was sent back.  Comic and inner well removed.


That's a big a F U as you can get.

Once the facts are all out - because I'm sure there's going to be a different story put out, someones off to the HOS.

44 minutes ago, Catwomancomics said:

Jason Micheal Damato

his wife Kelly Lynn Damato signed for the package.


Probably want to edit out the personal info before this thread gets janked.

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1 minute ago, Wolverinex said:

You should probably call ebay and explain what happened as well as the police.  


there's been lots of scams recently with high dollar items... like the guy who lost his hulk 181

How's she going to call eBay?  She went around eBay.  I don't see that happening.

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19 minutes ago, Catwomancomics said:


Blocked on ebay!  Sorry to hear about this. 

You definitely have enough information to report it to the police.  And probably a few fingerprints on the slab to go with it!   

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