What's New In Your Copper Age Collection This Week?
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2 hours ago, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

Sorry if this thread already exists.  If so, it needs a bump in my opinion. :bump:.  I always wondered why Chastity looked so different on the inside of this issue.

Elektra Assassin #5.jpg


I had the first issue of this series for decades but never picked up the rest. Got the new hardcover a month or so ago and just started it... it's certainly a strange one, but so far so good.

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3 hours ago, Ceito said:

Hello to all, and hopefully all are being safe. 
This is my one of my first submissions,  and tbh, I was Very surprised with the grade when I received it. :whee:812AA535-7F4D-484F-BC48-3ECF0B827E6A.thumb.jpeg.0f3e4cce1042579abba492633c523f96.jpeg

Congratulations on your first submission!! Very impressive grade !!!

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Couldn't say no. This book is still nice and cheap since the markets for Miracleman and V for Vendetta are ice cold , so I was happy to BIN at $525




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