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25 minutes ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Looks like a magazine case @onlyweaknesskryptonite just got tpb back like that, y'all are not alone. Odd that neither were submitted as a magazine bug slabbed as one :( that must be unexpected 

When I first submitted my very first Raffle Edition it came in a regular TPB case, but it had to go back for a reholder as it was flexing at the side seams ( if that makes sense) it had a bulge. When it came back they had moved it into the magazine holder. Now that was a long time ago and I know they have redesigned the cases a few times since then. I hoped the issue was corrected with these and they would now fit in a standard holder, but alas this was not the case. I believe any of their pervious books they had to place in these are now just being put in automatically.  

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1 minute ago, followtheleader said:

I've not seen the Convention Book. 

Looks like a great Hellboy issue.

Can you give a little info on it? 


That's one that I love also.. Love the cover art. Mainly a Dark Horse book.. Only one page advertising the sale of Seed of Destruction 1... There's a pin up gallery in the back of about 8-10 images from the main DH guys at the time Miller, Mignola, etc.

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