Nominating RICK STARR
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6 minutes ago, Buzzetta said:

OMG.. I just had a flashback to the bleachers in the old Yankee Stadium   I know @jaybuck43 will know this reference.



Who's there?

Bernie Williams!

Bernie Williams WHO?

Bernie Williams is never late for the gang bang ! da da ... da da da da da daaaaaaaa.... 

when he was younger and in his prime, he used to gang bang all the time!

(And then Bernie would turn around and smile) lol 


But, "Box seat jerk <spoons> never go to the gang bang" and neither do, "Stupid <spoon> Red Sox fans"


BTW: The younger members here have no idea how great the word 'spoon' was when you would curse and the system autocorrected it. 



God I miss those days. Kid creature here. I learned so many great curses :) 

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