Superman's Mullet
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29 minutes ago, Iconic1s said:

This topic had had me looking for pics of mullets most of the day (thanks @Brandon Shepherd!). Ran across this fan art which I think fits here and is pretty cool. The Super Mullet is still an inspiration to all!


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How about this one?


Epic! This one has a lot more ‘party’ on the sides.

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Borrowed image from my comic shop , although I do own all of the Best Western Variants. Still seems fitting they would put a Mullet Superman on the cover of a Best Western Free comic..1041819.jpg.3c05f7f9f98c246e7d3fe37433da4470.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Iconic1s said:

Does this count as a Mullet?


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Many possible ‘Mullets!’



I don't think those really count. They look closer to a beehive or just 80's big hair.

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