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Remember when Superman had a mullet?!

From 1993 to 1996 Superman, a.k.a. Clark Kent, sported the mullet hair style. Depending on the artist the mullet varied in length.


Superman first appeared in mullet form on the last page of Superman: The Man of Steel #25 (Sept. ’93). This issue was part of the Reign of the Supermen storyline, chronicling the four Supermen who appear after Superman's death and ultimately revealing the one true Superman.



256359667_MOS25mullet.thumb.jpg.0da6fafc7515a32733c366f7ede528db.jpg 1962374039_MOS25mulletcloseup.jpg.24dc6c58997ec736d138cbaace3f3bf4.jpg

In Superman #82 (Oct. '93), the Reign of the Supermen ended, beginning the reign of the super mullet!


I did not care for the look as a kid, I used to take my comics and place my fingers over the end of the mullet to get a glimpse of the short haired Superman, pre-death and return. Unconfirmed fact, I read years ago that the Superman creative teams decided on the mullet to match the look of Dean Cain, who was to star in the then upcoming Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman t.v. show (1993 - 1997).


Okay, the hair is a little long in the back but I wouldn't call that a mullet. 

Check out Clark Kent with a ponytail.


In 1996 Superman finally got a hair cut in Superman: The Wedding Album. Thank God!


A wedding is a good reason for a haircut, also, if I remember correctly, Superman had lost his powers around this time, so it must have been easier to get a hair cut.







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29 minutes ago, Iconic1s said:

This topic had had me looking for pics of mullets most of the day (thanks @Brandon Shepherd!). Ran across this fan art which I think fits here and is pretty cool. The Super Mullet is still an inspiration to all!


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How about this one?


Epic! This one has a lot more ‘party’ on the sides.

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3 minutes ago, Iconic1s said:

Does this count as a Mullet?


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Many possible ‘Mullets!’



I don't think those really count. They look closer to a beehive or just 80's big hair.

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