** Holiday Hijack ** WTB HotFlips "Standard" size CGC bags (see top of page 2)
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In order to avoid getting spanked for starting a separate thread, I am briefly hijacking this thread in the hopes that somebody can help me out with a little problem ...

I've been using HotFlips "flip-n-stick" bags to protect my CGC-graded books for the past several years, and I love the product.  Plus the guys who own the business (Jeff and Charles) are fantastic to deal with.  I highly recommend them!

I had originally stocked up with a big pile of bags in their "standard" size, which I liked a lot because they fit the CGC cases very snugly for a really nice look.  However, I recently ran out and found myself needing another 50, maybe 100 bags to cover current and future purchases.  I placed an order and received bags that were slightly larger, similar to the size I had bought from them to hold annuals and other "giant-size" books.  When I called up to ask Charles about it, he told me they no longer had the slightly smaller size in stock.  He very helpfully explained that I wasn't the first customer to ask about the "standard" size because they prefer the snug fit, and that with enough demand he would consider placing an order for some more of those, but that with supply chain issues it could take quite a while before they're in stock.  And I told him I would definitely buy them if he had them, but since I'm only looking for 50-100 it wouldn't be worth his while to worry about me.

So ... I'm sitting on a pile of bags that are a little bit larger than I would prefer, and hoping that someone out there has some extra "standard" size bags they'd be willing to part with.  The standard size that I'm looking for look like this:

Image 1 - CGC Graded COMIC BOOK BAGS Resealable 200 bags 4 packs

Retail on these is $80 for four packs of 50, or basically $20 for every 50.  I'm willing to pay double that, so $40 for 50 or $80 for 100.

Conversely, if you would like to help me avoid waste, I am also willing to trade you the slightly wider bags I've got on a two-for-one basis -- so if you give me 50 of your bags I'll send you 100 of mine.  (And I will be happy to cover shipping on both ends.)

I am more than willing to consider other creative deals.  Like I said, 50 might be enough to solve my problem and 100 would be plenty.  Hoping there is someone out there who can help me!

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Chipping away with some nice pickups including this big one.


Still actively looking for upgrades, and still VERY interested in working something out with anyone who has HotFlips bags to spare!!

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On 1/15/2022 at 10:09 AM, Sweet Lou 14 said:

Giving this thread a bump for the new year.  Still buying aggressively and still looking for HotFlips bags, hoping somebody can help me out!

Have you looked into these for your graded comic bagging needs?:


I use them and they provide the best fit of any graded comic bag on the market.

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