Pulp Hero Set - Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds - Nice Copies - CLOSED
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  • Exclusions: No Hall of Shamers
  • Purchasing: First :takeit:wins the lot.  This trumps all negotiations for which both parties have not yet come to an agreement.
  • Payment: Paypal preferred.  Check/money order is OK too but must clear before shipping.
  • Shipping: Free in the US.  I can ship outside the US, but there will be an additional charge.
  • Returns: I want you to be happy with your purchase.  You can return the pulps for any reason within 14 days, provided they are in the same condition.


Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds was a 12-issue hero pulp from July 1934-1935.  Each issue contained a genuine Near-Future sci-fi novel by Robert Sidney Bowen in which Dusty and his sidekicks fought off the menace of the Black Invaders, led by Fire-Eyes, an Asian warlord bent on world domination who had already dominated the first stages of a global conflict that prefigures World War Two, and who utilized advanced Weapons in his Invasion of America. Each story can stand alone, but the over-arching 12 issue story, which was constructed in advance, tells the complete story of the fight against the Black Invaders.  

This 12 chapter Dusty Ayres story pre-dates the more well known 13 chapter "Purple Invasion" story that ran in Operator #5 from June 1936 to March 1938, a story that is often referred to as "the War and Peace of the pulps".

For sale is 6 of the 12 issues in nice solid collectible shape, sold as one lot.  These pulp issues are tough to find in grade.  The lot includes the 1st issue, Black Lightning, as well as the classic Crimson Doom and Purple Tornado covers, and the tough black cover The White Death.  This is the perfect Dusty Ayres starter set.

  • July 1934 (#1) - VG+, Black Lightning, first issue
  • Aug 1934 (#2) - VG/F, Crimson Doom
  • Sep 1934 (#3) - VG/F, Purple Tornado
  • Jan 1935 (#7) - VG/F, The White Death
  • Feb 1935 (#8) - VG+, The Black Avenger
  • Mar 1935 (#9) - VG/F, The Silver Typhoon

Price: $1,650 for the lot.  Price reduction: $1,350!


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