Nominating Jshaffer7390 for the Probation List
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1 minute ago, comicginger1789 said:

Dare I say a peaceful ending could happen here? I hope so. I don’t like when mom and dad fight. I love when comics and money exchange hands happily for all!

That isn’t happening. I will never do business with him again. 

I have however sent payment on this transaction since he is offering it again now. I do my best to honor my commitments and agreements. 

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23 minutes ago, SkOw said:


Not arguing with any of this.  Let me be clear what I mean too though.  I see other threads titles here say things like “withdrawn” or other like titles. I’m not doing that.  That is why I was careful to word “take action accordingly” instead of “vote”. People should have the opportunity to know who they are dealing with on here. 

He is now offering to follow through though which I agree no longer makes it appropriate for the list. 

I think there's a few things to take note of here.

1. I was wrong sure, I corrected it before you even made this thread. So you're goal to teach a lesson is sort of a moot point and creates undue drama.

2. I am almost solely a collector, not a flipper/vendor, so your attack angle will fall short here.

I will say, @SkOw paid for the book and I will be shipping it out.

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4 minutes ago, Buzzetta said:

So here is where we stand with something like this.  @Jshaffer7390 when you post a book and someone claims it you sell the book.  Reneging on a deal makes you famous for all the wrong reasons.   You may scoff at a probation list but you should know that we will all easily pass around your information and your email address and your real name.  You see, I am not going to miss out on opportunity cost wasting my time in your threads.    I will tell my personal friends, @jaybuck43 and @PeteFromPetesBasement and @trenchdaddy and @Phalanx25 and a host of others that are silent watchers on these boards. 

They should never deal with people like you because when you reneg on a sale you are wasting their time.  You may not see it as a big deal because you did not take their money but what you did was waste their opportunity.  If I committed my money to buy your book, that means that I did not buy someone else's.  If I had known that you were going to reneg than I would have bought the other.  By the time you have reneged that book is gone. 


So... honor your commitment... you are making a terrible name for yourself.  And in this hobby, you are your name.   


@BlowUpTheMoon, how is that? 

Again. Mostly a collector. The entire point of me selling on here was to just rush funds into something else.

I bet most would still take my money.

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1 minute ago, Buzzetta said:

Johnny boy.... come on now....

Try to sleep soundly at night thinking that is true but I also sell.

If you think I am going to spend money with you then you are wrong.  I am sure there are some on here that will.   But there are some of us that realize that anything you have to give can eventually be found with patience and time from someone else. 



Did you not read that correctly?.. I don't think you read that correctly.

Edited by Jshaffer7390
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2 minutes ago, skypinkblu said:

Not if they remember this thread. There are some who will, but "most"  is stretching it. It's not just about the "money", it's how you responded.

Aside from you, I'm a little surprised at the number of people doing odd things lately. Things that we'd see once in a blue moon, if ever.

I'm glad you resolved your transaction with Matt, he's a great guy, but you might want to do some reading in the probation thread  so you can see how seriously it's taken before making those kinds of comments. You'll enjoy your time here more, nice collectors are prized.

I think there's a big disparity between your understanding of the word "great" and the actual definition.

This thread feels more like a jovial "this is my moment" post for him.

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3 minutes ago, skypinkblu said:

I'm fine with definitions, but thanks for the advice. I've actually conversed/dealt with him and read his posts over the years, hence my description. These are the first I'm reading from you and you seem to be a bit combative while you were the one who took a wrong turn, but I'll reserve judgement until I see more.


To each their own. Of course I'm going to be combative.

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9 minutes ago, Jshaffer7390 said:

I'd give my left leg for some this morning. Good plan. 

Let's all try to get along. Consider this a lesson learned and a teaching moment for all of us. In these unsettled times we are unable to complete transactions in person and it can become very easy to lose focus that this is a hobby that should be enjoyed. These boards provide a unique opportunity for all of us to share a comradery with our passion. Our name, our reputation is all we have here as many of us start out anonymous only to build good will over time. Friendships are made and sometimes lost over much ado about nothing. Resist the urge to dismiss each other and provide the benefit of the doubt. There will always be other books.

There will be times when you'll feel like...


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