2020 Official Holiday Raffle Thread
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Raffle Selection Form


Courtesy of @skypinkblu, a $25 Gift Card with the following inscription:

"Whosoever has their name drawn, if they be last, shall possess the power of this $25 Amazon Gift Card".

...I can't seem to lift it. (shrug)


1) Donated by @ADAMANTIUM





2) Donated by @topofthetotem (to be shipped by @paperheart) - US ONLY

Brave and the Bold #51 CGC 9.2(R)



3) Donated by @fmaz

Lot of 6 Treasury Edition books (1973-1977)



4) Donated by @greggy

The usual (aka the fabled Greggy Mystery Box)



5) Donated by @comicginger1789

A mystery box with some golden age, silver/Bronze Age and modern age stuff inside. Oh and in case the comics suck, $30 PayPal to go buy whatever you want. All as one prize. Take it...or don’t:)



6) Donated by @Azkaban

Mystery Box, shipped anywhere in the US or Canada



7) Donated by @ashsaytr

$100 Amazon Gift Card



8) Donated by @skypinkblu

a $50 Amazon Gift card with 10 Character masks, any size, Marvel or DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, mixed or non Comic book, your choice, plus 4 holders for the masks.



9) Donated by @skypinkblu

10 face masks, any size, Marvel or DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, mixed or non Comic book, your choice, plus 4 holders for the masks



10) Donated by @unclezebo

A few golden age popped wheat promo's and a howdy doody mini comic promo. US only please.



11) Donated by @Ron C.

Catwoman 80th Anniverary CGC 9.8 - shipping to US or Canada



12) Donated by @Ryan.

Thor 1-9 Donny Cates run. Various printings and variants - US Shipping Only

Addenda to this prize: I will also include a mini mystery box just to spice it up. How mini? That's the mystery! 



13) Donated by @Ryan.

Three issue 1s. Collector's items!!  - Shipped Anywhere!



14) Donated by @Larryw7

An eclectic trio of comics from the Atomic Age of Comics: 1. Katy Keene 7 CGC 4.0 with off white pages; 2. Mystery in Space 34 3.0(GVG); 3. Haunted Thrills 14 FR Spine split, book is complete.



15) Donated by @comicdonna

Showcase 55 CGC 6.0 white pages 



16) Donated by @Bird

Assorted Mystery Box. I will include a wide variety of comicky items including many comics, a few posters, a few tpbs/HCs, and at least one small piece of original art (a small sketch card for instance, or a signed sketchbook). Maybe some other items, maybe not. It is a mystery to me as well!  US only on this one (sorry international boardies).



17) Donated by @AlexH

I shall provide a mystery box. So mysterious, that even I don't know what is in it. 



18) Donated by @Ron C.

Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular CGC 9.8 - shipped to US or Canada.



19) Donated by @Blastaar

GREEN LANTERN /GREEN ARROW #85 Facsimile edition signed by Neal Adams and a never read Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta HC



20) Donated by @nickwire

My usual 35 dollar Amazon gift card!  



21) Donated by @Motor City Rob

My gift will be a mix of Bronze and Silver age raw books. U.S. shipping only.



22) Donated by @Poekaymon

Spidey 1 9.8, Dceased hardcover (new), and a grab bag of raws.  [U.S. only.]



23) Donated by @KirbyJack

I thought deeply about a donation to represent what the past year means to me. Allow me to introduce; DrekBox 2020! Included will be...  


1. Fantastic Four 84-87, a nice Doom storyline, in rancid condition. 

2. Thor 157, in similar shape.

3. House of Secrets 62 (2nd Eclipso)

4. Marvel Tales 148 and 149, second Doc Ock story. Ditko Deliciousness!

5. a half-dozen assorted Marvel’s Greatest Comics. Kirby Coolness!

6. Tales To Astonish 29, my favorite Pre-Hero Marvel cover. (Fr/G)



24) Donated by @1Cool

I'll just make mine a mystery box tailored to the likes of the person who picks it.  I've got quite a good selection of stuff so you will not be disappointed!



25) Donated by @frozentundraguy

Amazing Spider-Man #169 CGC 9.0



26) Donated by @WEBHEAD

The Walking Dead Weekly #1 9.8 - US Shipping Only



27) Donated by @WEBHEAD

Marvel Premiere #47 The Astonishing Ant Man CGC 7.0



28) Donated by @toro

A cover recreation that has a "Holiday Theme"  - US Shipping Only



29) Donated by @randostoyz

Lot of Six different Kabuki comics all signed by David Mack. Also a few mystery signed comics as well - US Shipping Only



30) Donated by @miraclemet

A mystery box of Collected editions that will make your mailman beg for mercy.



31) Donated by @speedcake

A $50 gift via paypal to be used ONLY FOR COMIC BOOK RELATED PURCHASES AND I'LL KNOW CAUSE ME AND SANTA ARE LIKE THIS.  AND JESUS, TOO. We will be watching you...



32) Donated by @Bkd Reader

New Mutants 100 - CGC 9.6 & $25 to Amazon - shipped to the US or Canada.



33) Donated by @Barth

Mystery Box of Archie related comics



34) Donated by @comicsyte95

Comicsyte95 comic lot



35) Donated by @Shadow

Mystery Box of comics from me (most likely heavier DC). Will try to get things as close to person's interest. Additionally, if the selector would like, I'll throw in one of my prints. (Spidey or Avengers)



36) Donated by @fastballspecial

Hmm Copper & Modern 
I will Fill up a Flat Rate Box. 
Do you dare take the risk?
I could give you nothing but coals.....
(And if Hector buys it that is what he will get.)



37) Donated by @JazzMan

A mystery box with

  • TPBs
  • 20-25 comics (silver to modern)
  • a slab or two



38) Donated by @Turtle

Usagi Yojimbo box featuring a signed sketchbook, a signed poster (folded), and a big stack of Usagi/Space Usagi books published by Mirage Studios + PEEPS!



39) Donated by @Turtle

Marvel Two-In-One/Marvel Premiere Mystery box.  The only thing you know is that Woodgod WILL be involved :sumo: + PEEPS!



BONUS: Whichever lot donated by Turtle is chosen SECOND will also receive a signed photo of (he thinks) Billy Joel that he unwillingly received a few years back...and also a $50 gift card to Ebay.


40) Donated by @Cocomonkey

$35 Amazon gift card



41) Donated by @Wipple

Low grade Batman 251 and a Super Friends T shirt(brand new never worn). Two items , one prize. Shipped anywhere Fedex delivers. 



42) Donated by @Kramerica

The New Avengers: The Ultimate Collection by Bendis Volumes 1 & 2.  Unfortunately I cannot ship these internationally as they weight 4+ pounds.



43) Donated by @Kramerica

Set of 3 Marvel Comics Blacklight Holiday Cards! In 1971, Third Eye Inc. of New York released a line of products featuring images from Marvel Comics printed in a psychedelic style with bright fluorescent colors.  Set #1



44) Donated by @Kramerica

Set of 3 Marvel Comics Blacklight Holiday Cards! In 1971, Third Eye Inc. of New York released a line of products featuring images from Marvel Comics printed in a psychedelic style with bright fluorescent colors.  Set #2



45) Donated by @Kramerica

A set of Savage Avengers #1-10. It shouldn't work but it does! And what seems like a cash grab on the surface is actually one of the most enjoyable Marvel series I've read in a while. For a more enjoyable experience you need to listen to Shalamar and Morris Day & The Time while reading these :banana:



46) Donated by @SeniorSurfer

Batman Volume I and II of the DC Archive Editions.  Shipping to the US only please.



47) Donated by @ChasingKingKirby

Quasi-mystery box...  but not really.  I’ve covered the issue numbers for all books but one, but I have NO DOUBT boardies can figure out every book in the piles. Please don’t share if you figure em out.   Lot includes several keys, including Six number ones.  All marvel.  Mix of bronze and copper.  Several titles.  All books are at least mid grade with several high grade.  A couple are very high grade.



48) Donated by @smithdatura

Lego GOTG and a "Taste of Canada" box!

  • Lego set 76080: Ayesha's Revenge
  • Men's size L new with tags Captain Canuck T-shirt
  • Captain Canuck 0, 1, 2, & 3 (2016 series by Chapter House)
  • Alpha Flight 1
  • TMNT no. 71 Montreal Canadiens hockey cover variant by Kevin Eastman, signed by Eastman at 2017 Montreal Comiccon
  • Trio sampler of Canada's finest chocolate bars: Coffee Crisp, Mr. Big, and Wunderbar

Just for extra info, the Lego set has been carefully opened and is 100% complete, and almost-new in box... at the original time of purchase my daughter insisted on wanting to see and assemble baby Groot, so she opened package 1 to be able to complete the steps through the assembly of Ayesha and baby Groot (he is the tiny red spec at the bottom center of the photo here) and part of Ayesha's ship before putting everything away again:



49) Donated by @Old_Man_Adam

In keeping with the mystery box element... I’ll throw in with vague ambiguity as well - is it comics , TPB’s , slabs, toys or clothes ? Heck if I know - but probably an amalgam of all ... US and Canada only



50) Donated by @Silver

Invincible Iron Man #6 and Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #5



51) Donated by @BMoreLauren

Baltimore themed mystery box - US Shipping only



52) Donated by @Pablin

My donation will be a Mystery Box of Silver/Bronze and Cooper, heavy on the  DC, but you might find surprises inside, shipped within the continental US.



53) Donated by @Wolverinex

 A set of harder to find Adam Hughes covers.  Also adding a couple duplicate Frazetta  covers and Noble Causes 3( first cameo/appearance ) of Invincible - US Only



54) Donated by @lonetree

Spawn #7 CGC 9.8 (1993) Overt-kill 1st Published Randy Queen Highest Graded - Shipping to the US and Canada



55) Donated by @hatrik777

$50 Amazon gift card.  No mailing restrictions.



56) Donated by @Comics4All

Mystery Box


Will it be a combination of: Marvel Legends figures,  TPB's, and/or Floppies?


A USPS Large Priority box filled to the brim of Whoppers?

A USPS Medium Priority Box chock full of Strawberry Shortcake #1's??!!

A PGX Slab  graded 3.5 of Rob Liefeld's 90's classic: Troll #1

Take a chance if you dare! 



57) Donated by @Chazgee

Small stack of TPBs & HC - US & Canada shipping only



58) Donated by @Chazgee

Mystery Box of Comics. Bronze, Copper, Modern, or Mixed. Winner's choice.



59) Donated by @SpideyFein

19 book lot, with the “star”being a beater Strange Tales 25. No back cover, and cover barely hanging on, but awesome art work is fully present  Also included are 4 Archies, 5  Charlton War covers, 4 Gold keys, (Avg. grade of these 13 books is g/vg) and 5 lower grade books. Archie Pals and Gals is a cool Christmas cover too! 



60) Donated by @SpideyFein

DC Comics Presents 26 CGC 8.0 C/OW



61) Donated by @shiverbones

2 high grade mags



62) Donated by @Unstoppablejayd

Neal Adams starter kit


low grade Batman 234 (1st silver age two face appearance) 

Detective 1000 Neal Adams Variant signed by Neal with COA from his store

and my favorite Green Lantern story - a used trade of the legendary O’Neil/Adams run. 



63) Donated by @HighRadArt

Golden Age Mysterious Low Grade Lot in shiney new mylites (obviously the top book is not a mystery).  I will ship this in or out of the US.  Also, guesses are ok...



64) Donated by @HighRadArt

4 packs of E. Gerber Mylites2.  (50 each for a total of 200). These are SA and GA 775M2.  This will be a heavier package so US only on this one.



65) Donated by @wombat

Frazetta/Magazine mystery box.  US Shipping Only



66) Donated by @Sanj Mitra

Justice League Omnibus



67) Donated by @loboagain

$25 Amazon gift card along with some goodies from Hawaii. 



68) Donated by @aszumilo

Siege #1 9.2 B&W Variant Sketch by Oliver Copiel



69) Donated by @spidermanbeyond

The Path Forward Box (Movie Tickets, Masks, & comics) - US Shipping Only


4 AMC BLACK TICKETS (Black Tickets are valid for one admission to one (1) movie at any AMC theatre nationwide. No expiration. These tickets exclude opening night fan events, double features, marathon events, alternative content and special theatrical presentations. I really believe the best way to view Movies is on a big screen.  To keep you safe, also included are 4 - N95 masks. 5 Misc Comics:  Action Comics #1000 NM, Spawn #8 NM (small back cover spine tics), Spawn #9 NM-/NM (small back cover spine ticks that break color), Wonder Woman #9 Newstand (looks NM but water stain on corner near UPC, take 1.5 to 2.0 points off), X-Men #1 Magneto Cover NM-/NM. I couldn’t help myself and the OCD in me pressed them except the Action. Last but not least, THE GREATEST BATMAN STORIES EVER TOLD TRADEPAPERBACK. Has some water damage but 340 pages of classic batman comics/stories.



70) Donated by @Ares

A collection of Modern Canadian Comics: Captain Canuck, Agents Of Pact and a series of Canadian price Variants. might add on more surprises as well.



71) Donated by @Crops068

9.8 Walking Dead #1 Wizard World New Orleans Variant - US + Canada only



72) Donated by @Readcomix

OA - Page 16 from Blue Beetle #9 (1987), pencils by Paris Cullins and inks by Bruce Patterson

- Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #633, a tough late-run issue featuring Barks’ classic “Donald Duck’s Best Christmas,” reprinted from the 1945 Firestone Giveaway. 

- Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 (so no one accuses me of going too sappy with a Barks Christmas classic)

- Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau’s autograph on a 3x5 card (who saw that coming???)

I’ll ship within U.S. or to Canada.



73) Donated by @fmaz

New Era Superman Knit Cap! New with tags! 



74) Donated by @707comics

1) J.B. Cole (low grade), Dave Stevens, J. Scott Campbell & AH! books
2) A Death in the family TPB (first print)
3) At least one set (maybe more if I get the free time) of 3D printed display stands for modern CGC graded books (you choose, red, green or white). 

US Shipping Only



75) Donated by @echu

Two hardcover books pictured below and some other goodies from Hawaii.



76) Donated by @Zalgardos

Mandalorian themed - Pedro Pascal 8x10 die cut autograph (258 west authentics, limited to 99, this is #47 of 99) + Star Wars 1 - german exclusive Boba Fett cover



77) Donated by @Zalgardos

beautiful jungle ladies themed pack - Frank Cho Jungle Queens Book One artbook - signed by Frank Cho + Sheena 1 J. Scott Campbell Variant



78) Donated by @DiamondCityComics

let's just say I'm offering a mystery something if that's ok. US Shipping only



79) Donated by @Jginsberg79

X-men mystery box


Guaranteed in the box is an X-men 100 (7.0), a reader copy of Xmen 21,22 and some other doubles and goodies I can throw in. The three highlighted issues are pictured below!



80) Donated by @Haupia

B&B 30 - 3rd appearance of JLA ... and as always TREATS FROM HAWAII



81) Donated by @Fan Boy

Kiss Slab, Donald Duck book, and Miles Morales run


For this year’s 2020 Holidays raffle ...

One CGC slab - Marvel Super Special #5 white pages 8.5 grade

Donald Duck HC volume filled of the great Duck artist Carl Barks stories, including a Christmas story! Good for your kids to read classic stories.

11 issues of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1-3,5-12. (Missing #4, so I am throwing in second copy #1 and Ultimate Spider-Man #160). So you get 13 issues total.

One $25 Amazon gift card and one Canadian surprise snack treat.


82) Donated by a board member who is as generous as they are anonymous

Amazing Spider-man #801-839


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