Robin in all his Glory
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Most people think that Detective Comics # 38 was the first appearance of Robin, but actually he has always been there.  Back then people just weren't as observant as we are today.
Fortunately little dogs with nicely combed hair are here to set the record straight.  DC produced various covers of some of their titles which today are extremely rare.
For example here's Detective Comics 24 (technically the first appearance of Robin and pre-dating Batman's first arrival.

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Breath-taking isn't it?

But there's more.  Not wanting to stop there, DC really outdid themselves, Recognizing how more important Robin is than boring old Batman, Robin is forefront on the cover of Detective 31.
Not only forefront, but foremost in our hearts.

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Detective Comics wasn't the only title to have variant cover treatment (before it became a thing).  Here's House of Secrets 92, which puzzled Wrightson but he drew it anyway.

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