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Can we adjust the "subscription editions" or Nintendo Power #1-6?

The non subscription editions were adjusted, not sure, but there are separate slots for subscription editions, that have mid-grades or even VF at only 1 point :):foryou: 

NP Subscription Editions #1 - #6 adjusted 10/06/21

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Conan the Barbarian #1 CGC 9.8 just sold for 10k:


 - but it's only 3800 points.

And Conan the Barbarian #1 9.6 just jumped to 5K - thus confirming the trend for Conan #1 9.8:



Also Conan the Barbarian #23 9.8 just sold for nearly $6000 on HA.com - but gives like 800 points - does not make much sense. 



I believe all the Conan the Barbarian 1 - 24 needs to be updated - these book have not been updated for like 10 years. It's time! 

Thanks! :foryou:

PS. Just found some more:



- close to 3x higher price in a year.



Conan The Barbarian 


#1 #3 #8 #10 #12 #13 #16 #17 #22 #23 #24

Adjusted according to GP Analysis

The remaining issues have not been adjusted due to insufficient sales data, or they are in line with FMV


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Hi Brian

I think there may of been a glitch on adjustments to the Conan scores. It appears that increases have been made to #s 1, 23 & 24, but not to the other eight you have referenced in response to Rune's request namely #s 3, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17 & 22.

Could you take another look at these please when you get chance?



Double checked per request 10/07/21, scores for issues listed are in line with GP Analysis average sales data.

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Thanks, CGC, for the Conan the Barbarian adjustments!

I also saw the Tomb of Dracula #1 kinda exploded with a recent sale of 17k :


Right now it's only 3700 points - but quite insane with those prices - unfortunately my wife says I lack a certain gene, so I can't bring myself to sell any of my beloved books lol :facepalm:


Score Adjusted according to average of last 3 sales on GP Analysis 10/08/21

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X-Men #1 from 1963 could probably use some adjustment. I know that there aren't many sales at each grade. But there's been a pretty big upward trend if you look at the prices realized in grades 8.0 or better in 2021.

Currently, the universal registry scores are 19,320 in 8.0, 30,820 in 8.5, 46,000 in 9.0, 69,000 in 9.2, 138,000 in 9.4, and 230,000 in 9.6.

Thanks for looking!


Score Adjusted according to average of past 3 sales for 9.0 - 10/11/21

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The next full moon is coming up on October 20th, so it might be worth considering Marvel Spotlight #2 (the first Werewolf By Night).

GPA data and registry scores are below. 

Thanks for looking!

Adjusted score according to average of last 3 sales for 9.2 UNI. 10/18/21



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While we're at it - I've long been a great fan of Judge Dredd, and some of these books are very rare. It's been somewhat saddening to see these 9.8 books get only 24 points:


I can see that lately many 9.8 books are selling for about $200. Maybe time for some love for the Judge? :foryou:


Adjusted Scores for Judge Dredd (Eagle)  Issues 1 - 4 according to average sales data from GP Analysis.

Other issues do not have sufficient sales data.

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Hi Brian

Thank you for your prompt responses to score review requests, they are much appreciated.

I'd like to request a few more reviews for Silver and Bronze books where Registry points have slipped behind current market trends.

For convenience I've used the 9.4 grade as the bellwether of market trends for specific books in order to compare current registry points with latest reported GPA sales prices as per the table below. The exception is Strange Tales #89 where there is no 9.4 on census and so I've used the recent 8.0 sale as the point of reference.

Apologies that I've included so many books in one request but I'd appreciate you taking a look at as many of these as time allows.

Title # Significance of Book Current Registry Points for Universal 9.4 grade Most recent GPA for Universal 9.4 grade ($)  
Amazing Adventures (1970) 11 New furry Beast begins 600 875  
Amazing Spider-man 6 First Lizard 10500 24000  
Amazing Spider-man 11 Doctor Octopus - very scarce in high grades 6000 12200  
Amazing Spider-man 14 First appearance of Green Goblin 10800 28533  
Amazing Spider-man 25 First brief appearance of Mary Jane Watson - face not shown 2127 3128  
Amazing Spider-man 40 Origin of Green Goblin 2239 4320  
Amazing Spider-man 41 First appearance of Rhino 2400 8201  
Amazing Spider-man 43 First full appearance of  Mary Jane Watson; origin of Rhino 990 2640  
Amazing Spider-man 44 Second appearance of Lizard; scarce in higher grades 1350 3000  
Amazing Spider-man 46 First appearance of Shocker; scarce in higher grades 990 2180  
Astonishing Tales (1970) 25 First appearance of Deathlok 600 1250  
Avengers 6 First Zemo and Masters of Evil 2175 5280  
Avengers 8 First Kang 3000 9500  
Avengers 48 Origin and first appearance of new Black Knight 1350 3755  
Avengers 69 First appearance of Squadron Sinister 225 528  
Avengers 70 First full appearance of Nighthawk 225 925  
Avengers 71 First appearance of Invaders 375 1300  
Captain America 100 First Silver Age issue of own title and origin retold 1575 3750  
Captain Marvel 1 First issue of own title 420 724  
Daredevil Annual 1 Emissaries of Evil 345 890  
Doctor Strange (1968) 169 First issue of own title and origin retold 1200 2888  
Fantastic Four 13 First appearance of Watcher and Red Ghost 9300 16800  
Fantastic Four 57 Doctor Doom steals Silver Surfer's powers 600 1275  
Fantastic Four 67 Origin and first brief appearance of Him, becomes Warlock 1650 3000  
Fantastic Four 75 Silver Surfer/ Galactus story 525 900  
Fantastic Four 94 First Agatha Harkness 240 1784  
Fantastic Four 112 Hulk vs. Thing battle 1050 2575  
Fantastic Four Annual 6 Fist appearance of Annihilus; birth of Franklin Richards 1800 5000  
Frankenstein 1 First Marvel issue 220 500  
Incredible Hulk 141 First appearance of Doc Samson 465 1500  
Incredible Hulk 142 Second appearance of Valkyrie  105 360  
Iron Man 1 First issue of own title and origin retold 2700 5500  
Iron Man 54 Iron Man battles Sub-Mariner; first appearance of Moondragon 600 1800  
Iron Man and Sub-Mariner 1 One-shot; pre-dates Iron Man #1 & Sub-Mariner #1 1100 1920  
Journey into Mystery 114 Origin and first appearance of Absorbing Man 1425 2250  
Journey into Mystery Annual 1 Thor vs. Hercules battle 2250 8400  
Jungle Action 6 First appearance of Killmonger 300 1280  
Marvel Feature (1971) 1 Origin and first appearance of Defenders 680 1260  
Marvel Premiere 1 Origin of Warlock 800 3000  
Marvel Premiere 3 Doctor Strange series begins 210 366  
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) 17 Origin of Black Knight 495 1225  
Silver Surfer 4 Silver Surfer vs. Thor 3825 5200  
Strange Tales 89 First appearance of Fin Fang Foom 5040* 12000*  
Strange Tales 159 Nick Fury vs. Captain America; first Val Allegro de Fontaine 420 2600  
Strange Tales 167 Classic Steranko flag cover 420 950  
Strange Tales 169 First appearance of Brother Voodoo 900 2395  
Strange Tales 178 First Starlin Warlock 375 780  
Sub-Mariner (1968) 1 First Silver Age issue of own title and origin retold 2400 3573  
Sub-Mariner (1968) 8 Sub-Mariner vs. Thing battle 480 1500  
Sub-Mariner (1968) 9 First appearance of Serpent Crown 225 525  
Thor 134 First appearance of High Evolutionary 1500 2650  
Thor 136 Re-introduction of Sif; scarce in higher grades 480 1260  
Thor 165 First full appearance of Warlock as Him 3250 6000  
Thor 166 Thor vs. Him battle 220 552  
Tomb of Dracula 10 First appearance of Blade 2000 7800  
Warlock 9 First Starlin issue in title 90 194  
Warlock 10 Origin of Thanos and Gamora 100 159  
Warlock 11 Death of Adam warlock 60 103  
Werewolf By Night 1 First issue of own title 720 1600  
Werewolf By Night 32 Origin and first appearance of Moon Knight 4125 11000  
X-Men 41 First Grotesk appearance; scarce in higher grades 510 824  
X-Men 50 Classic Steranko cover 900 1726  
X-Men 54 First appearance of Alex Summers 561 1250  
X-Men 64 First appearance of Sunfire 510 1350  

*Strange Tales #89 uses 8.0 grade 

Many thanks.


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  • Administrator

Hello @chaddesden33

Thank you for this comprehensive list.  I have adjusted the scores for all but the following books:

Amazing Spider-man    25

Jungle Action    6

Silver Surfer    4

Due to insufficient sales data.

(Be aware that I did not adjust the UK Price Variants.either)


You will see that I did not adjust the scores according to the highest sale.  Typically, I take the average of the 3 latest sales, then adjust further if needed.

(If the adjustment isn't in line with FMV for the other grades I will adjust, usually down in most cases)

If I am unable to determine an average score, I will not adjust the score.



Again, thank you for this list, I definitely appreciate the time and research, and I learned a lot about these key issues! 





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Hi Brian

Thank you for the comprehensive review and update you undertook yesterday. Quite a tour de force to execute such a detailed analysis in a single day, especially on a Monday!

I'm also grateful for your explanation of the rationale you apply to reviews. I can see that to maintain the integrity of the scoring algorithm you need to apply an average across all grades rather than simply make adjustments in line with most recent sales of high grade copies.

I think you meant to say you haven't made an adjustment to Amazing Spider-man #40, as you have amended the score on #25. I also note that you haven't amended Frankenstein #1,Thor #134 or Warlock #9 and wonder if you couldn't find sufficient data on these also, or whether these three fell between the cracks?

One other conspicuous omission from my list was Marvel Spotlight #5 from August 1972 featuring the origin and first appearance of Ghost Rider. This book achieved of well publicised record price for a 9.8 copy of $264,000 in June and the latest 9.4 sale on GPA is $19,200 against a Registry points value of 6,000 for that grade.

As all of the other major Marvel Bronze Age keys have been reviewed and adjusted in the last few months it is probably timely to take a look at that one in order to maintain a sense of hierarchy between the super key books in this period.

Once again, many thanks for your efforts Brian, they are appreciated.



Hey Jon,

I have adjusted the books listed above.  That was my mistake, I get a bit cross eyed when I do a lot of score adjustments, .  I simply forgot to save my changes.  Should be good now.

Thanks for your input, fairly scoring the keys is one of the most challenging parts of this job.  When these books go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, I get a bit nervous.  It's just the way I was raised.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around how a 12 cent comic book can be worth more than I can make in 5 years! lol

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Hi Brian

Many thanks for your further work today, it is much appreciated. You have a highly responsible job maintaining the registry and it's obvious that you're very conscientious and making a great effort to learn about a number of things you're not yet familiar with. Stick with it and I'm sure you'll soon get as immersed in it as the rest of us are!

Good luck!


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perhaps we should revisit 

Amazing Spider-man #138 and #167

9.8's appear to be in the $500's :tink: 

Happy Holidays :1514325239_yeehawemoji:


Scores adjusted according to average of last 3 sales on GP Analysis 11/15/21

Happy Holidays to you as well, Sir!




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Since we're here

ASM #603 $3.99 newsstand edition should be worth at least what its direct edition counter part is worth, I believe it is 40 for direct and only 24 for newsstand.

I might argue that #601-608 would all need a boost, but I'm not sure. (both direct and definitely check the Newsstands :) ) but those may be for another time, as I know doing runs in score update is a chore :foryou: Although I feel if GPA does newsstands it might be useful :tink: 

I have adjusted the scores for ASM





The other issues, including all of the newsstand variants, do not have sufficient sales data at this time.

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Several comic slots are inconsistently scored in Flash (2011).

1-9 Sketch Variants are all 1:200 ratios and far more expensive than any of the other covers in the whole run.

1,2,3,4,6 Sketch Cover slots all have score calibrated to 9.8 = 32 (These are correct)

5,7,8,9 Sketch Cover slots all have score calibrated to 9.8 = 24 (These are wrong)

5,7,8,9 Sketch Cover slots all should match the score set for 1,2,3,4,6 Sketch Cover Slots

This update would bring the scores in alignment with all other 1:200 Sketch Cover slots from the DC (2011] sets, see Batman (2011) 1-9 Sketch Cover slots as example.  Flash (2011) had way lower distribution than Batman (2011), so the Flash 1:200 variants are way more rare even.


Adjusted Scores per request 12/6/21


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Hello Brian,

I would like to request a point review for three E.C. comics. Crime Suspenstories 19, 20, and Shock Suspenstories 12.

These sell for multiples of where they were just 5 years ago. (and have classic covers imho)

Thanks for your consideration. Mark

Hello @Hutch88

I have researched the sales data for the books you listed.

Crime Suspenstories 19 is in line with recent sales data on GP Analysis. I have not adjusted the score

Crime Suspenstories 20 has been adjusted according to recent sales for the 7.0 grade.

Shock Suspenstories 12 does not have a lot of recent movement, and I could not find recent sales data that were not Gaines File Copies.  I slightly adjusted the score for 9.2 according to Overstreet, 

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Hi Brian

Just a quickie

Something is killing the children 1  

This has a point score of 32

This is probably book of 2019 and trades around $1000 and is highly active. There are lots of variants and print but just the initial book is very undervalued. 

Strange academy 1 momoko virgin edition  points 40 reg 2112160015  this trades for around $500






Hello @Rob Wilby

I have adjusted the scores for the books listed, according to recent sales data from GP Analysis.



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  • Administrator

Locking this thread.

I will work on the requests in this thread in the order they were received.

For scoring adjustment requests, please post here:


Please be sure to read my pinned guideline post before submitting your request.

Happy New Year everybody!

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