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4 hours ago, pheonix103 said:

This book is Majik. It is definitely one of my favorite books. The Front is done by Chris Bachalo and the back is done by Ash Gonzales 




Magikal indeed!  Those are awesome Kurt!  Congrats!

Am I seeing that correctly - it took a year to get your sketch from Bachalo?

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11 hours ago, A-DONIS said:

Ah, 2020!

You didn't disappoint.  From pandemics, to riots, to.well....a bunch of nonsense.    

But here's to 2021!!!   May the sketches keep on coming!

And here's my start to 2021.  Carry on!





Those are nice, that artistic sticks with me, those feet on spidey bit creative. Still sobering the New Year's away! Really like the the Black and White. If only we could all be so patient to see these results! :headbang: 

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11 hours ago, A-DONIS said:

Technically December 31st, 2020...but the label should read 2021 when it arrives from CGC



Is that the hologram recreation issue? X-men #25? man that is some time and effort for sure, still it is sweet :x

curious how artist can press such fine lines with the cover spread and it end in 9.8. lol that's time and effort to to produce a product. I can admire that, especially that the ink looks fresh! :x^^ 

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