CGC Website and Certification Verification Issues affecting Registry
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Hello Everyone,

We have been experiencing intermittent issues with our website that include the submission tracking, certification verification and registry additions. 

Please note that we are aware of the issue and are working towards the long term solution. While we work on this issue, the functions may not function consistently. 

If you receive an error with a registry addition such as "Not in database" or "certification number not found" please try your request at a later time.

If possible, please refrain from emailing and messaging each time the functionality is down as this takes away from my ability to work on the request backlog.

I hope that this post provides clarity to the situation and I appreciate your patience.

Thank you all!


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Love the concept of the registry. I've read this note and it's not exactly the problem I'm having. The census data is incorrect (missing) for several of the books that I have. It's been missing/inaccurate for months so it's not a recent occurrence. Here's what I sent support but happy to post in another location should you need.

TOPIC: Incorrect Census Data for Shaolin Cowboy (Burlyman). 
DETAILS: I have all of the comics in verifiable cgc slabs. Feel free to verify my comments by using my previous submission: #3694480.

Issue 1 had two printings. Your's are listed in reverse.
Issue 2 had one regular & one variant by Mignola.
Issue 3 had one regular & one variant by Moebius.
Issue 4 had one regular & one variant by Scott Gustafson.
Issue 5 had three variant covers none of which are correct in the census: A - Darrow (half-page torn cover), B - Delgado Wraparound, C - Direct Limited Darrow (full-page cover).
Issue 6 has one regular & one variant by Nowlan
Issue 7 has one regular & one variant by Severin

All regular covers are by Darrow. You can cross reference the above statements with my books, League of Comic Geeks, Comic Book Realm, and MyComicShop. 

Would love to know when there's an update.

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Hi, I don’t know if this is the place for this but I have a Batman 50 Rebirth Sketch Variant

cert # 4034425018 

it states it does not exist in your Database

yet here it is in front of me graded

can someone please fix this

thank you


Hello @TDKR

The invoice associated with that particular book has a status of IN SHIPPING

When this is the case, books that are part of that invoice will not show up in the cert lookup until the status changes to SHIPPED.

i will keep an eye on the status of that invoice, if the status does not change by close of business Thursday, I will contact my colleague to get a status update.




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