Rich's signing with JOE GIELLA February 2021
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Announcing a private signing with iconic silver age artist Joe Giella!  

Well known for his early runs on Flash, Green Lantern, Brave and the Bold, Batman and Detective Comics, this signing with the 92 year old legend will be the first in over a year. Cost for this opp is $55 per item, which covers autograph fees, prep of your book, shipping and handling. Cracking of comics from any previously graded CGC slab is also included.  All books must be in hand no later than 2/10/21

CGC will bill your account for grading and return shipping fees.  If you don't have a CGC account and need to use my account for subs, LMK via PM for additional pricing.


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53 minutes ago, Rich_Henn said:

I have TWO (2) spots left for a remark by Joe Giella on your book, $100 (in addition to the $55 signature fee)

Deadline for subs in one week, 2/10


I will take one remark by Joe on my Batman 189.

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