April HA 2021
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52 minutes ago, RBerman said:

Didn't 256 sell intact at auction last year (sans cover)? I guess we'll be seeing it soon as well.

That's correct.  Entire 256 story--  twice-up all-Byrne pages with 2 splashes and a glorious DPS-- was sold by Profiles in History last year.  The buyer let a few pages go and I bought one :cloud9: ... but I can't speak to his intent for the remainder.  Story has cool cameos by several Avengers and even Galactus with lots of Negative Zone and space scenes, quite impressive.

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On 2/23/2021 at 10:18 AM, batman_fan said:

This one is spectacular. If only I still had my left nut :sorry:


My favorite Peanuts era. I still have my left nut, but it's not worth much at my age.

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