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Alan Quah thread
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Don't see another started for him.  He is killing it on his Crossover covers and recently got a Marvel cover artist gig.

Crossover #1

Crossover #1

Crossover #2 (wraparound)

Crossover #2

Crossover #4 (connecting covers)

Crossover #4Crossover #4

Crossover #5 (connecting with #6) - this was just announced today

No description available.

He has a bunch of other covers too, but these are by favorite and pretty much the only Crossover variants I am going after.

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51 minutes ago, sgcomiccollector said:

Here's my TMNT #98 original cover art and the comic book by Alan Quah. 

IMG_1371 copy.jpg

That is amazing.  One day I will get OA of a cover I love, one day!

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36 minutes ago, HotKey said:

I really like his cover for Department of Truth #1, it's going off to get stabbed later this week.


He is great with small details.  Who was this one through?

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He just announced that Crossover 5 will not only connect with 6 but with 7 also.  Making it one large scene. His Easter eggs in covers are fun.  Zoom into the “Death Star” of Crossover 4. 🙂

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Alan has been doing some more really nice covers and is now doing Marvel covers too.

He did an Alien, has a Spider-Man:Spider's Shadow coming and recently revealed (pre-orderable) Marvels covers.


He also had a cover of an original character MechaGirl for Fantasia #3 out of Malyasia.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'KDN: PQ 1780/4694 Sem.Malaysia RM22 Sabah/SarawakRm Indonesia Rp 180,000 Singapore Sgd $9 FANTSIR FAN SIA Specia Edition MI'

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9 hours ago, HotKey said:

He is quickly becoming my favorite artist. I have the Marvels #1 virgin set coming and 3 of his SIKTC 16 sets, those look amazing!

I got my DOT 1 Quah cover back with the 9.8, loving it!

I didn't jump on the SIKtC #16 Quah, I should have, but then I got his #15 late as well.  I have no real interest in the series though so there is that.

He is getting close to revealing an all villain themed cover, speculation is it is for Marvels #2.

If you do not follow him on FB, you should.  He is very interactive with his fanbase, I actually chat with him pretty often.  Absolutely great guy.

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6 hours ago, HotKey said:

Friday at 9am pst, the much anticipated villians cover. I want many of these!


He teased about a month ago that he was doing an "all villain" cover.  I figured it was for Marvels #2 to go with #1 being all heroes.  He did not disappoint.

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6 hours ago, GeeksAreMyPeeps said:

This one is nice:


This is available now from Limited Edition Comix or Legacy Comics and Cards.

And there will be a 3rd "mystery" version announced/available soon.

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