[Recap Page 1]: Fresh to Market Golden Age Collection: Alan Ladd, Captain Marvel, Crackajack Funnies, Fight Comics, Green Hornet, Red Ryder, The Shadow, Target, Wings, Whiz Comics
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     I was fortunate enough to acquire a decent sized Golden Age collection recently.  This came from a local estate and the owner had originally purchased many of the books between 1939 and 1944.  It appears he had taken a break from collecting after WWII and then got back into collecting in the 1970s. The Golden Age comics were a mix of original books that were supplemented with second hand books purchased through Heritage as well as other prominent dealers based upon the markings on the bags.  There were even several pedigree books from the Rockford, Pinnacle Hill, Ohio and even Mile High pedigrees!

I will be offering a number of the Golden Age books here.  Note that I plan on sending several of the better books as well as the pedigree books to CGC to be graded and may offer them here at a later date.

TERMS OF SALE:  The first "I'll take it" in the sales thread wins. If communicating via PM and an agreement is reached, I will mark the book SOLD in the sales thread as soon as possible.

Returns accepted within 7 days. Buyer pays for return shipping

SHIPPING:   Shipping in the US will be $7 for the 1st book, $0.50 for each additional book. Insurance and delivery confirmation included.  Please inquire about shipping rates to Canada or other international destinations.

PAYMENT:  Paypal, Venmo, check or money order accepted


RECAP:  The following books are still available.  If anyone wants to claim any of them, take an additional 10% off of the listed price:

Adventures of Alan Ladd #6 Fine 6.0  OW/W pages   $100           Page 1
Captain Marvel Adventures #33 Fine- 5.5  OW/W pages              SOLD
Captain Marvel Adventures #89 VF- 7.5  OW/W pages                SOLD
Crackajack Funnies #22 VG 4.0 C/OW pages. $50                       Page 2
Crackajack Funnies #43 VG/F OW/W pages  $120  Last issue     Page 4
Fight Comics #70 Fine+ 6.5 White pages  $100                            Page 4
Green Hornet #28 VG- 3.5 White pages  $90                                Page 4
Popular Comics #83 VG/F 5.0  OW/W pages  $60                        Page 9
Red Ryder #107 VF 8.0  OW/W pages  $20                                  Page 9
Red Ryder #117 VF+ 8.5 White pages  $30                                  Page 10
Red Ryder #119 VF+ 8.5 White pages  $30                                  page 10
The Shadow v5 #10 F/VF 7.0  White pages  $250                        Page 10
Target Comics v4 #10 VF- 7.5  White pages  $60                         Page 11
Target Comics v4 #11 F/VF 7.0  White pages  $60                       Page 11
True Comics #78 Fine 6.0  OW/W pages $25                               Page 11
Wings Comics #67 Fine 6.0  OW/W  $120                                    Page 11
Whiz Comics #116 VG+ 4.5 OW pages  $70                                page 12
Adventure Is My Career 31 F/VF  White pages  $60                    Page 12
Classics Illustrated lot, Avg F/VF  with White pages   $35            Page 12

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