Comic Art Con in NJ 4/18/21! Who’s going?
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This location seems quite a bit further out from NYC than the previous location... bummer. I don’t get up there often enough so adding more difficulty to getting into the NYC for an walkabout would definitely be a minus for me.

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I'll be going to this. Since a lot of networking, selling, buying, and trading goes on between collectors at the con please DM me if you have any of the following and plan to attend the show. Even if you don't want to sell or trade so I can at least know it exist in case things change in the future.
Deadpool pages/covers from his first series from the late 90s to early 2000s or earlier.
Taskmaster pages/covers from his first limited series in 2002
 Art from the Marvel ROM Spaceknight series
Artwork from the 90s Darkhawk series
Marvel Fanfare pinups and/or the Moon Knight cover from it.
80s Moon Knight. 

Here's my gallery. I don't have anything for sale but if you have something from above you'd think I'd be interested in and want to offer trade for something you see in my gallery please reach out.

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