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Afternoon :)

In a change from our usual programming, I bring you a book from Alan's personal collection which isn't an Alan Class book at all, but a copy of Charlton's Space Adventures #55, a lovely colourful comic, complete with COA and 'cover proof':


I'm not sure what the cover proof is all about as I don't believe Alan stuck this cover onto any of his reprints. The interior content was reproduced, according to the GCD, but not, it seems, the cover. And it's a proof of the Charlton book anyway, not an AC mock up (which would've been cool, wouldn't it, if was never used or something).


Nice though, isn't it :)

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On 12/9/2022 at 9:56 PM, OtherEric said:

As the Yank who regularly intrudes on the UK-centric threads, I thought it past time I got myself an official membership pass to this particular club:


Astounding Stories 041.jpg

Welcome to the Whicker club, Eric. Nice Charlton Alan there :)

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