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Value added with a signature on an issue?

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20 hours ago, George Ramiro said:

How much value is added to an issue if it signed by a celebrity?

you should prob post this in "The Signature Room"  rather than in the pools forum

I'm not a sig collector, only having 1 signed book, but generally from the posts I read value usually comes from books that have the celebs actually on the cover.  



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Some autographed books are worth this much. Others are worth that much more while others are worth less. 

It also depends if it has a recognized COA or if it is a yellow label.

As asked, your question is unanswerable.

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The other side of the question is your buyer pool and your access to it. Some folks like sigs; some see it as defacement. It’s really mixing autographs with another collectible, after all, so a potential buyer needs to appreciate both. (Or, I suppose, in the case of autograph collectors, they’ve just got to like the comic as a place for the celebrity sig.)

I’ve probably oversimplified it — taking myself as an example, I don’t like sigs much but have a few comic creator sigs on raw, lower value books, from childhood and/or from buying others’ collections in full. They’re neat but I personally wouldn’t pay a premium, so I’m in the middle leaning toward defacement. But I think that’s the point — the particulars of your book/sig combo just need to find the right buyer match. Some will be excited; some will gloss over. The particulars matter in terms of how big the excited pool would be.

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