In-House Private Signing: Walt & Louise Simonson
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Just called CGC and was told there is a glut of books from private signings waiting for encapsulation and they have no idea when books will be shipped out. I was told my book was graded just waiting on the encapsulation. The wait goes on...

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On 11/30/2021 at 4:05 PM, spideyfan68 said:

Got notice my book has shipped after 2 months and some change at G/E/I. Never had a book stuck at this stage for this long so this was fun.

Is anyone else still waiting? My Thor 337 has been at G/E/I since 9/13/21 and no movement. I've corresponded with CGC twice over a month span and their reply is "we'll give them a nudge down there and get that moving". Since this signing happened 4 months ago, and people who entered G/E/I in this thread have received their books, I'm getting concerned. 

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