In-House Private Signing: Skottie Young
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Get ready comic fans because the amazing Skottie Young is coming to CGC for an In-House Private Signing! Young will be offering signatures, as well as a limited amount of Remarques. If you're a fan of Young's iconic style then you won't want to miss out on this great signing opportunity! You have until Friday, August 6 to get in on this one. Click the link below for all the submission details.


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6 hours ago, Clay Johnson said:

Sweet! I'm sending in my two walmart covers, and the Alex Ross varients for SA 3 and 4. Debating sending in my blue label 9.8 SA 1 1st print.

I was going to do 1st print SA1 but i uuuh misplaced mine apparently. I can find some of my variants and 2/3 printings. But I cant find my first O_O; I decided to send in Deadpool team up 883 just cause I love that cover and ask for some stan lee remarque on it. Figured this wont ever leave my collection. Might still send in a few others(like the SA stuff) for normal sigs.

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On 9/1/2021 at 11:51 PM, Scoobydiesel said:

Do we have a time frame on when SY comes in to sign? I know it has not even been a month since the cut off but it’s my first SS and not sure what the time frame is with these. 

No time frame. The only way you would know in advance of your books moving from received/with CCS to SFG is if they post on facebook/twitter/instagram with the creator. Don't ask the Kevin Eastman group they waited almost a year from the submission date. 

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