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6 minutes ago, LDarkseid1 said:

Whoever won this, would it be considered a steal or just a solid price? I really thought it would go for more.


I guess without inspecting the book I can't be certain, but if it's truly a 9.6 I'd call it a steal.

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2 hours ago, Dr. Love said:
3 hours ago, cheetah said:

It was refreshing to see that the western market is still in the tank.

I don't know, $6600 for this seriously over-graded book with a tear on the upper left, a piece out of the bottom left, and scuffing on the mid spine, seems pretty robust to me!

Yup, that was a pretty massive price.

I had a few Westerns in the auction (in the online only session) and was extremely pleased with the results.

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2 hours ago, Cat-Man_America said:
2 hours ago, GreatCaesarsGhost said:

I would love to know who did win this

Me too! The proud owner's probably too busy to post here because he or she is prepping for the Bezos space flight.

I'll never tell. ;)

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