Comicpalooza Houston, July 17-18, 2021

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Yes, I was there today. It's busier than expected.

You can find helpful CGC witnessing services at the DORK BUZZ booth. Very friendly and good guys. Got my items taken care of fairly quickly.

Because one guest showed up late for their photo op in the afternoon, it pushed all the photo ops back by half an hour. And to make matters worse, there is only *1* photo op booth, not multiple operating at the same time.


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Here is my report. I was very disappointed after a 2 year wait. No big headliner on the celebrity or comic side unless you are a big Mandaloran Fan (minus Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano of course) or Cates and Stegman fans on  the comics side. No old school creators  that I have grown accustomed to from this con. In the last few years this con has pulled Emilia Clarke, Tom Holland and Grant Gustin on the celebrity side and Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Mike Zeck and Gerry Conway to name a few creators.

Too many booths with and not enough comic dealers. Please, please , stop selling booths to window and home remodeling companies, lawyers, and cell phone service. Felt like I was at Sam's or Costco with people trying to flag you down to sell that stuff. Too many mystery box booths. 

This con still has comic in it's name and was surprised the shortage of dealers.  The few big booths that were there had large crowds at their booths. The few wall books I did stop and look at were priced over GPA, sometimes 2X. Needless to say driving four hours to buy $40 worth of Legos for the kiddos is a big let down. I think I have may have hit the point where I'm getting too old for these things.  

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May be an image of 1 person, child, standing and indoor

I honestly never have a chance to look at comics when I go to cons like this.  I am there strictly for either the headliners (celebs or comics).  This was no difference, I went specifically for Katee Sackhoff, who was not a disappointment to meet (or see) in person.  She was all smiles and quite chatty.

The con was absolutely packed on day 1, more than I expected. Here is a look at the badge pickup line around 10:30am (doors opened at 10am for normal and 9:30 for VIP I think).

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoorMay be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

Saw a bunch of people in costumes ranging from Spideys to Alien and practically everything in between.

I was absolutely amazed how short some of the Celeb lines were, Katee had about 10-15 in line around 11:30-ish.  But had 6-7 in her VIP line.  Most people were getting Mandalorian stuff (helmets and figures) signed or posters multi-signed.  She required a face mask, so no photo with her was offered, which was completely ok.  They offered masks to those without as well, which good on the showrunners for doing that.  I had my own, I planned ahead. :)

Here is a pic of the Celeb area while I was in like to meet Katee.

May be an image of one or more people

Others with stupid short lines were Mark-Paul Gosselaar and David Ramsey.  I got a fam pic with MPG and talked with him for 5-10 mins.  He was pretty cool and down to earth kinda dude.  David Ramsey though, stellar guy.  My 16yr old son is passionate about getting into acting of some sort and went up to David when he had nobody in his line and asked him for advice.  He offered him some freely.  Which was absolutely amazing.  I went up later and thanked him, means a lot to me for sure.  I look forward to him donning the ring in the future!

The longest lines, that I saw, were Ron Perlman, Danny Trejo, and Chris Sabat.

The show floor had comic vendors and they had them spread out pretty well honestly.  Which I think was good, so you were not bumping into a comic vendor next to comic vendor.  The other vendors were pretty random.  Which honestly doesn't surprise me being this fresh off a major lockdown.

The artist alley was definitely lacking mainstream talent but they had some cool people there.  Donny and Ryan were in with the Celeb area.  CCP comics had a very large presence the likes of Ryan Alexander, David Sanchez, Ken Salinas, and the man himself, Mclain McGuire.

Me and David Sachez -

May be an image of 2 people, including David Sanchez and beard

If you are unfamiliar with David's work, check him out. His covers are amazing, he is relatively new to the cover art scene.

In total, I walked out with two metal tankards, an art print (from Ryan Alexander), two mystery box UltraSabers (for my kiddos), a new card game called Danger Zone, two celeb signed photos and 13k steps (yep I walked each row of the show floor).

No description available.

I highly enjoyed the show myself.  As did my kids.  It was great getting out and seeing what was there and interacting with my friends in the comic community again.  The experience and memories made are what I am after and this was not a let down, at all.

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