Berkeley Comic Show August 7with new location
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Tim and I are super happy to have our convention return, even if we couldn't return to our preferred venue. Next show is at the El Cerrito Veterans Hall, near El Cerrito Plaza BART.

Happy to say that Terry's Comics is coming up from southern California and that we have Dan Brereton as our guest of honor.

Street parking should be significantly better than our first years at the Berkeley Senior Center. Many board members setting up.

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19 minutes ago, The Brain said:

There will be at least 2 WITH sprinkles.

Will we have the pleasure of your company?? 

I genuinely hope so! Been having a real knee issue but will see how it goes.

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No parking lot but it is suburban with a school across the street. Ie, almost no one parking on the street. The school also has what, a 35 car parking lot? San Pablo just a big block or so away and Plaza Bart and El Cerrito Plaza with huge parking lots just five or so blocks away.

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I imagine the vendors are very well stocked these days as shows are just starting to get rolling around here. :)  Three rooms of comics! First show in the core Bay Area counties.

This show we have:

Terry's Comics

A-1 Comics


Champion Comics


Lee's Comics

Harvey Doss

Worlds of Wonder (Edger X)


Bronze Age Batcave

Ray Storch

Drag Strip Comics

Both Fantastic Comics (CW on the boards and the Berkeley LCS)

Mike Jeter


Brett's Comics

Also want to say, Harley Yee and Superworld have both contacted me recently and they will return to be part of future shows again.

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Here are some pics from earlier shows so you can all get a feel for it! It's an old school comic book show with...COMIC BOOKS!

See how many boardies you can spot!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!








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