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In the long process of a comic book’s making, multiple jobs and tasks are worked on at the same time. Though efficient, complications arise every once and awhile resulting in mistakes being made along the way. These can range from mistakes in the artwork, incorrect coloring, inconsistencies, plot holes, grammar mistakes, anything that doesn’t make sense. This thread idea is not meant to poke fun at these mistakes but showcase these little gems we find in our comic books. 

I’ll go first with two:

I’m not sure which book but an ad for The Simpsons. Funny since I would think the most iconic thing about them would be their yellow skin.


In Doctor Strange #35 (1991), Scarlet Witch is incorrectly colored on multiple pages. She appears on the cover with full body tights, but inside she appears with no tights and even just leg tights.


I am excited to here from you guys (thumbsu

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X-men #4-5

Not only the first two appearances of Scarlet Witch,(+the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) she appears miscolored on both covers appearing green instead of well…scarlet. Additionally, Magneto’s helmet is purple though being red his previous appearance and even within each book. Quicksilver’s suite appears blue, though being green inside the book. Toad appears with a grey suite on #4 and a yellow suite on #5.


On the Marvel Legends reprint of X-men #4, Scarlet witch and Quicksilver’s costumes are corrected. However, for #5 they stay the same.



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Here is something interesting, none of the titles on the barcode match the title of the issue.





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