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Hi all, sending my first card to CGC 

im having some issues around the customs thing. I have been to Aus post will have insurance and tracking. I have a value for insurance at 5k - they are asking me for an export clearance number. How do I obtain this? I know about the form and the website (but do I need to do it?) or do I need an exporter to do this for me?

or do I just do it as returned goods on the auspost form and under the HS? But will insurance still cover it to the value of 5k? 

can someone please help? 

if anyone has done this from AUS multiple times please help as I’d like to ensure I get it right and the card doesn’t get lost. 

ive already paid for my subscription to CGC and will be submitting plenty more cards. Just wanted to make sure I do this correctly so it’s not lost. 

Any help is greatly appreciated 😁


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