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Hi guys i have never graded cards before, and would like to ask about sending in cards to CGC!

If i am from Singapore, i have to pay for both shipping to and from CGC am i right? is there any place i could see the total costs that could be incurred?

Also, are there any other costs that i should take note of other than the grading service fees? Thank you!

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you are correct that you have to pay shipping costs to and from Singapore (I mean everyone pays shipping both ways from wherever they're submitting, unless they submit at a convention).  

As for the cost of shipping there, CGC has no control over that and I don't think would be any better at finding out than you, who are in Singapore.  Just like anything else it will depend on the weight, the value, the insurance, and the speed.

As for return shipping, the same factors will be in play but you can probably email CGC directly about your specific situation and ask.  If you submit multiple tiers they might send you back multiple packages.  You can also ask about other random fees. 

1.  But generally there is shipping + insurance for mailing to CGC. I doubt there's customs fees on this, but if you're shipping serious high value stuff there might be.  

2.  Once at CGC there's invoice fee for each tier of submission plus actual grading fees.  (check CGC website for additional optional fees and services).  In your specific case there may be a currency translation fee or wire fee or something similar.

3.  For return shipping, shipping + insurance + possible customs fees/taxes (contact CGC for your options on this).  You've had collectibles shipped to you before, so you probably know more about this than the general worldwide populous.  

So I think there's definitely a reason to contact CGC with questions.  There may be other options if you have your own personal/business Fedex/UPS/DHL accounts.


ALTERNATIVELY if you're interested, my friend owns Pink Ponk Comic book Store in Singapore (Katong Plaza) and submits to CGC at least a couple times a year.  I don't know if he does trading cards, BUT I'm sure he has more info about shipping costs and you might even be able to submit through the store account or work him to ship submissions together or something like that.  No guarantees though, but I think he'd be a reasonable resource for you. He is also a member here on the boards, but I don't think he's on too often here.  If you are interested in this information, you can probably connect with the store on facebook (they do live comic auctions) or search out other information however they do it in Singapore.  If you are having trouble finding information, you can send me a private message and I'll help you out.


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