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What is a collection?

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Am I being a jerk?

I have a FF collection (Lee/Kirby run)  that CGC lists as 98% complete.  I'm missing FF1 and FF5. It is my pride and joy it represents 50 years of collecting.  I'm not a millionaire so the grades are all over the place. I'm ranked at 67th in points..

Now this is what bugs...

There a "collection" a couple spots ahead of me that contains ONE COMIC.  It is a beauty, FF48, 9.8. But is that a collection?  Its an investment. Its a fabulous book. But its ONE COMIC.

How is that a collection?  I think that unless you have... say 10% you don't have a collection, and it shouldn't be listed as such.

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It can be debatable what a collection is, so I won't go too far on that other than to say you have to start somewhere even if it's one book in 9.8.

Further that collector might have other books just not in that set.

But where is the line?

I have close to 450 slabs in my registry and just barely recently surpassed a collector with only 1, book period (IH 181 in9.8)

I don't think my collection is more complete or better (thumbsu

So it must come down to rarity value and the other things that make up what registry points are assigned. To that I say I know nothing, but cgc has a "formula", cgc has threads to suggest changes to the points based on their adjustment criteria.

I sympathize that in someone's mind, you could ask, how is this the way it is? 

But it is what it is, registry could be competitive and maybe that's the only reason.


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Hello @Stephen Gordon

My name is Brian, I am the Marketing Coordinator/Registry Administrator at CGC Comics.

No, you are not being a jerk, it's a legitimate question.  As @Qalyar said, we have been discussing this very issue in another thread, here: 



I have brought this up with my boss, and I am researching solutions to mitigate this problem, which I wholeheartedly agree needs to be addressed.

Feel free to add your thoughts there.



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I agree with one idea put forth... add a point bonus based on size of collection.

Perhaps as the collection increases in size points would increase.  A collection that is 5% complete would include a 5% bonus in points.  A 10% complete collection a 10% bonus.  This would reward each step of the way.  Then perhaps as the collection is nearly complete a bonus would begiven at 96%, 97%, 98% etc. The points would be percentages of the points you have earned.  A higher graded collection would receive a percent of the points they have, not just a set amount of points.  Everyone likes to see growth and reward for efforts.



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