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Im selling my Cousins collection of TPBs and Mini Series. He doest have space at his new place and is making space for things he wants to collect. He is open to offers but I will need a 24 hour response time with him , so please keep that in mind if sending an offer via a PM.

Now for the 

1. no HOS or PROBIES
2.frist   :takeit: wins over any PM negotiations
3.please feel free to make offers! 24 HOUR DELAY TO ASK MY COUSIN.
4.payment via paypal, Money Order within 5 days of winning an item
5.i will ship outside of the USA but please contact for rates! 
6.shipping is $5 for 1-2 books $8 for 3 or more in the USA ONLY. Or we can work together on how you want it shipped.
7.returns within 7 days of getting your items.
any questions please ask! so here we go!
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