Decorating the Morlock Tunnels: Art under $500
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Here are three Roger Cruz pages from X-Men: First Class, which featured lighthearted tales of the original X-Men as teenagers. In this sequence, the Fantastic Four have invited Jean Grey on an adventure, to the chagrin of her teammates who were left home. Invisible Woman uses her powers to reveal a subterranean base. Cruz does terrific facial expressions.


And here's a Kerry Gammill page from the 1986 series of Teen Titans. The team encounters a villainess named Twister, who uses her powers of disorientation and hallucination on them.  The special effects surprint has unfortunately been lost.



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Recent pickups include Tyler Kirkham pencils from a New 52 Superman story. A different version of this scene was used in the published comic.


And here's a scene familiar from the Thor: Ragnarok film -- the evacuation of Asgard. Only in the Last Planet Standing story, it was due to Galactus, not Surtur. Scott Koblish inks Pat Oliffe's blue-line printout.


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A trio of illustrations acquired yesterday. First, a recent Storm figure by Bob McLeod: 


A jungle girl from Canadian cartoonist Kagan McLeod, who as best I can tell is no relation:


And one by prominent Serbian cartoonist Borivoje Grbic. I'd be curious to hear how it ended up stateside for me to get.image.thumb.jpeg.8390c5964086919343f30b4dc8cbc796.jpeg


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It's not surprising that a lot of art under $500 will be specialty pieces, illustrations, and commissions as opposed to published pages. Here are a few I've picked up secondhand.

David Wachter


Terry Moore


This Bill Morrison sketch of Spiral was part of the "Mystery Sketch" event at Comic Arts Live. You paid $200 and requested a character, and you didn't know which artist was going to fulfill it.


This Art Adams remarque is in a 3 inch circle on the variant cover he did for the recently  released Invincible Red Sonja #1.


Art's wife Joyce Chin had a variant with a remarque as well:


Ariel Diaz did Queen Ororo:


Some other collectors were unloading work they had commissioned along a "Jungle Girl" theme. First is Savage Land Rogue by Tom Nguyen:


And a more serious version by Uko Smith:


And finally, the Chris Bachalo redesign of Magik as portrayed by Andrew Griffith.


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Time for a few updates! First, a pair of illustrations from French artist Piotr Meneguzzo, who came to my attention through Stephanie Lavaud's Facebook page.



Next a couple of Colleen Doran pages from the penultimate issue of Bill Mantlo's space pirates series "Swords of the Swashbucklers." Doran is the ideal choice for space opera involving people with beautiful hair and clothing. This bedroom scene turns into a murder scene.



And three recent Val Mayerik pencil pages from the Fables-like series RRH (Red Riding Hood):



Finally, a Maguire/Story page from the Gen13/Fantastic Four crossover one-shot.


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On 1/12/2023 at 5:17 PM, Dr. Balls said:

He gave that girl Greek Foot - classic move! That's a great piece.

Good eye! I had not noticed. I will add that insight to her CAF page.

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A recent acquisition by the quirky Langdon Foss, from the "Vote Loki" 2016 book:


And a 1988 Benn Dunn page from Ninja High School:


And early 90s Brigade by Marat Mychaels and Marlo Alquiza:



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