Insomniac Games' SPIDER-MAN 2 PlayStation 5 game (2023)

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eh, honestly never been a fan of Miles Morales, so I might pass on this. Glad Kraven is finally getting some public exposure, and also from what I've heard Tony Todd from Candyman will be voicing Venom (not Eddie Brock, though). Hopefully they make the open world have some more quests, too. Graphics look gorgeous!

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As players have been considering the dilemma of Venom's role in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - as it's been unclear if he will serve as more of an antagonist or antihero - a new Twitter thread from Evan Filarca has shed new light on the subject. The thread features highlights from a recent Deeper Depths podcast shared on YouTube with guest Tony Todd, Venom's voice actor. Todd speaks highly of developer Insomniac Games throughout, praising the studio for its creativity and high-quality design.


When the host of Deeper Depths asked Todd about his initial reactions to the game's story after reading the -script, he compared it to the chaotic Rhino chase scene from Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, saying Venom's presence will be similar to that and joking that "Venom doesn't give a damn."


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