I think this is the place? -- Moving a Vintage Fanzine collection 1965 to 1999 :)
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Hello! I'm new to these chat boards, so please bare with me!
I was redirected here from another section, at least I believe this is where they meant to send me!

Recently my friend and I purchased a nice collection of vintage Fanzines.
Neither of us really know much about them and we're not totally sure what to do with them.
But they're mostly all in great condition and would like them to find a good home!

I think they're pretty awesome, but we need sell them....
We'd love to sell as many to one person as possible. We know most of them aren't worth a ton, but I'm still digging on a few issues that are more difficult to track.
If you see anything on the list that carries notable relevance, I'd be eternally grateful for any information you'd like to share. 
But please feel free to make offers.

Price - For the entire lot, $1,500 - OBO ***
Negotiable -- This price is listed only b/c I needed a Buy It Now for the post. The ones I have been able to find prices for vary from $10-$50, but roughly half of these I can't find any past sales data on. I'll consider ANY discounted offer if given data/knowledge behind the offer to support it's total. The listed price puts the lot at about $20/issue.

Shipping - USPS, FEDEX, or UPS are available at the buyer discretion. Seller will contribute up to $50 towards the total shipping cost within the US. No international shipping at this time.

Payment Method: PayPal G&S - we'll eat the fee :)

Pics - Available upon request. The majority of these items are in VF+/NM condition.

Returns - Full returns are available within 30 days once a return tracking # has been provided.

Contact: You can message me privately on here :)

Here is some of what we have:

Alter Ego 1-13 (1999)
Amazing Forries 1
Captain George's Comic World 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 15, 22,  27
Collectors Dream 2 & 4
Collectors Showcase 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
Comic World 9-21
Comic Scene 1
Comics Journal 69, 85, 91
Crypt  2 / Armageddon 1 (2 publications in one magazine)
Dangling Conversations 2, 3
Fandom Annual 1, 3
Fandoms Agent 8
Fantascene 2
Fantastic Fanzine Special 2 (silver surfer cover)
Fantastic Fanzine 11, 12
Graphic Story Magazine 8, 9, 11, 13
Hero Hobby 12-19
Heroes Illustrated 2, 3
Infinity 4, 6
Phantasmagoria 3
Thrust 7, 13

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Hi! And thank you for the interest!
I added the suggested edits, and I'll go search for the forum rules after this post and re-edit accordingly.

The lack of pricing is simply b/c we don't know what to ask for some of this. Some items, such as the Alter Egos, have plenty of sales data available, but others, like the Crypt/Armageddon, has virtually nothing that we've been able to find. If I have to put a $ on it right now, then I guess we'll start off high with the caveat that we'll accept a Best Offer, and consider a discounted offer made that's supported with data/knowledge to justify the price. I know that is not ideal, and it may violate the forum rules (I guess I'll find out soon), but at the moment it's the best I can do.

This market is totally foreign to me. We're not into these books for a whole lot, and purchased them mostly as a rescue mission to prevent them from being tossed out, we really just want to re-home them to a collector(s) that knows what to do with them.

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