1975 Marvel Slurpee Cup Variants

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On 9/29/2021 at 6:49 PM, boomtown said:

I've been putting together a set of the 1975 Marvel Slurpee Cups over the last year, not really paying much attention to them as I accumulated them. I pulled them out today to see what I had and make a list and it appears that each cup was done in 2 sizes. Anybody else collect or have knowledge about these things? Were the cup sizes regional, or just whatever was on hand. Are there actually 2 complete sets (1 in each size) of all the characters? I've got many more of the tall, more narrow cup are the shorter, wider cups much more difficult to find?

Share your knowledge, I'm a newbie to these and now realize I may have to put together 2 sets instead of 1 (and that doesn't even include the full wrap 1976 set).IMG_20210929_183256087.thumb.jpg.0179395262d2842e0163f65eb239fb6e.jpg





He did some art for people that was the art for the cups, he may at least know more than I! :tink:



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Who hath summoned me?

Oh hey Adamantium.

The 7-11 cups were available in medium and small sized cups is all it is. The small ones seem to be more commonly found, and many are not aware the cups sizes varied. I have purchased cups off Ebay and get the wrong sized ones sometimes.


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