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Ed Hulse has just released a new hardback titled "The Art of Pulp Fiction".  Despite the title, it's all about vintage paperbacks done in the same format as Robinson and Davidson's "Pulp Culture" from a few years back.  (No, I didn't beat the book to a "pulp" after receiving it... the "wear" is part of the design).  Introduction by Richard Lupoff, with written contributions from Gary Lovisi, Will Murray, and David Saunders.  Should be of interest to folks here.

BTW -- I placed the topic here instead of in Golden-Age, despite it being paperbacks and not technically pulps  (though pulps are mentioned in the book as part of paperback history).  I think the one paperback thread in golden-age should be brought over here into Pulps (much closer connection), but I got no response when I sent CGC the request awhile back.  Maybe someone else knows better who to contact in this matter?


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