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Yeah yeah,   I KNOW  it's a  lame joke, :D

Nice pile of fun stuff this time,  including some pretty pulps, regular and bedsheet sized, good stack of  PCH, 
a few decent Golden Age books,  and my usual  mixed grille of  50's through  70's, with a few items  I've never seen before. 
Get those  fingers limbered up!



I'll put up a big scan of the FC,  note anything else I spot,  and as always,  if you'd like a scan 
of the  back cover I'll be happy to  supply it.

Shipping to USA preferred, but if you want something sent to Canada or overseas PM me 
and we'll work something out. 
:TAKEIT:  rules the roost,  but PM's, kibitzing,  and general tomfoolery  are welcome.

$8.50  Priority shipping to the USA for one to  four comics, well packed in a padded  envelope.   
$15.50 boxed  Priority  for  larger quantities.  Canada or overseas to be determined.
EDIT: I've started  listing some hardcovers, any orders with books  ONLY  would  ship MediaMail, flat fee of  $5,  one book or  a stack. 

CHECK OR MONEY ORDER GREATLY PREFERRED, I just plain out don't like paypal.   

If you just GOTTA pay with paypal  PM me first and we'll work something out.

Returns for any reason on your dime,  and  for any missed major  flaw or bad description on my dime.

My Kudos thread:

Here we go!

Crack Comics 10

Flat and tight,   good gloss,  offwhite pages. small split and chip upper spine,   ditto lower spine,   bit of general wear, old 
store stamp  upper FC in the logo. 

Grab an early issue for  $250


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Forever People 9

Sharp  copy,  Kirby at  the peak of his powers,  and  the triumphant return of Deadman! By Kirby,  yet.
This  issue just  SCREAMS   "Kirby  Bronze", lol 

Flat  and   clean,  tight with  white pages,  glossy, minor general wear. 

Grab it for $20


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Pat Boone 4

Part comics,  part text stories, part single  panel gags, a couple  celebrity  puff pieces.
Small split upper spine,  chip out upper edge FC, some general wear,  light water upper RH BC

Grab an oddball hybrid for $5


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Squeeks #1

Evidently published before truth in advertising laws were passed, this is NOT  The World's Funniest  Comic.
But I've never seen one  before,  so here it is.  
Small corner off  lower  RH BC, chip off upper RH  FC,  split and chip lower spine,   some general wear, small tears.
Tight with  white pages.

Take home an odd one for  $5


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Here's one you don't see  very often.  Issues 3 and 4  coming up later in the thread.  Sorry, already sold #1 to a buddy of mine.

Popeye  #2, new stories by  Sagendorf. 

Flat,  glossy,  white pages.  CF loose,  some  general wear,  light rubbing.

Asking  $40


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Showcase 53,   G I Joe  by  Russ Heath

Split lower spine,   light  soiling, pulled upper staple  CF,  small ink  BC. Flat and tight enough,   
decent gloss left, offwhite - white pages

Asking  $10  SOLD!


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Authentic  Police Cases 31, Matt Baker cover

Rough reader,  with  tape along  most of spine,   thin strip out  upper BC  along spine,  general wear. pulled  lower staple  on CF
Displays very nicely  for  a  rag,  lol 

Asking  $15  SOLD!


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Captain Marvel Jr. 71

Couple small  pieces of tape  inside FC, pulled lower staple  FC. nickel sized  piece out  spine  lower BC, couple tears 
along spine  BC,  general wear.  Interior is nice,  with offwhite pages,  but  upper staple is  pulled on CF. 
Better than a Rough a fraction,  :D

Asking  $15  SOLD!


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Four Color 368,  Beany,  featuring  Cecil the seasick sea serpent.  Issue #1

Pulled staple  on CF, general wear,    chip out  RH edge FC.  Offwhite pages. Your basic  nice  G or so. 

Asking  $15


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The Casebook of Dr. Rtex Morganb
"No Cure For  Love"

Australian,  28 total pages including cover,  black and white  interior,  reprinting,  I'm assuming    Rex Morgan  newspaper strips,
No  date or  copyright that  I can  find. 
General wear,  small tears, light water lower  LH  FC. 

Oddball for  $10


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Peter Parker,  The Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Teensy dogear lower RH FC,  minor  general wear.  Long skinny crease  RH edge FC,  barely breaks color. 
Flat,  tight,  glossy,   white pages. 

Asking  $25


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