100 Page St. John Beauty with an edge . . .
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I'll admit, I haven't been around the block enough to really say I'm experienced with St. John books. I mean, lets be honest - how many of us really are? Sure, you got those guys who boast and say they've seen every book in high grade, but I bet they're mostly blowing smoke up our you know whats. Maybe some of the old-timers. But not the rest of us.

But when this book walked in the door - wow! What a looker!

That spine! The gloss! I couldn't see any wrinkles or anything, until you get to the right edge. All of a sudden an 9.0 goes to 4.0. What's a guy to do?

How would this grade? The spine is flawless (slight roll/lean but that can be pressed back into shape), the cover is blemish free until about the last 1/4" of the right edge. There are a few creases, minor, and tears, and a small chip or two and it's wavy. The pages below are fine, no rips or issues there. I'm guessing a 6.5, but is that low? Am I overgrading? What you say?





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