Berkeley Comic Show: Saturday, November 6 at the Berkeley Adult School
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Another great show guys!  Dealers had great inventory - so many wonderful books to drool over. No pics to share -sorry!  Ended up spending a little bit more than I had planned on, but some deals were just too good to pass up.  Not sure I really needed additional copies of X-men 97 and 98 but when you find NM copies at incredible prices....well, you can see my profile picture.  :insane:  My wife was pretty happy with the availability of Sandman back issues - think she picked up around 10 or so issues and all the dollar Rogue and Leia comics she could find.  

Looking forward to the next one!

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On 10/24/2021 at 6:11 PM, PovertyRow said:

Really hoping to make this one! On 10/29 I have surgery for a menuscus tear (very minor knee surgery) and hoping I can attend limp-free. AND be able to negotiate stairs without a pirouette!

Had the surgery. Went quite well. Just got back from the followup which went perfectly. So the next show I will most definitely be ready. One has no idea how much pain a minor meniscus tear can cause until one minorly tears their meniscus.

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