Qalyar buys more weird stuff: Charles Burns, Labyrinth, Rising Stars, video game tie-ins, etc.
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I try to offer aggressive prices for this stuff. Often, what I'm looking for here has little-to-zero "FMV". That said, I may be open to negotiation on my prices for some books. I prefer to make all payments via PayPal (Goods & Services). If you absolutely require some other form of payment (PayPal Friends and Family is never an option), inquire first.

Hall of Shame inductees are never welcome to do business with me under any circumstances. I reserve the right to maintain a personal blacklist as well. Probationary List members who want to sell me books may do so with some restrictions, because I believe in second chances, but I'm not a sucker. Specifically, I will not buy raw books from PL members, and I will not remit payment to someone on the PL until the book is physically in my hands. If you don't like that, don't end up on the probationary list.

Charles Burns miscellanea

  • SSSSSSSS, otherwise known as the Black Hole Ashcan. Self-published by burns, circa 1994ish. This contains the dream-sequence story that appears in Black Hole #1 but was privately produced prior to the official comic's publication. It's an 8.25" x 5.5" digest-format comic; all copies are signed and numbered on the first interior page. These were initially given out to hand-selected people by Burns himself (many of his self-produced works are distributed this way), although at least one has since entered the market. That copy (6) sold for about $600 in a 2016 auction. I will do quite a bit better than that: I'm offering $1500. Additionally, if you don't have one of these, but you know where one is, and your information eventually leads me to acquire it, I will kick back a finder's fee of 10% of whatever I end up paying. See spoiler for cover image.
  • Drawn from Memory. Self-published by Burns, 2001. This is a 60-page pamphlet-format (4.25" x 10.75") booklet... thing. It contains unpublished work drawings used in the creation of Black Hole, with the pages jumbled before assembly (so no two copies are identical). It's sort of a companion piece to Echo Echo, which contains reproductions of work drawings that were used in the eventual published pieces. Not sure how many of these were produced. Heritage sold a copy in 2012 for $69, Wow Cool sold one for $50 (at some point). I'm offering $250. See spoiler for cover image.



The two convention exclusives have been particularly vexing for me. Does anyone actually own these books? Has anyone even seen these books? Why are they hiding so...?

  • Labyrinth: Coronation #1 Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive (Archaia, 2017; cover by Ben Dewey). Offering $150 for a NM or better copy. See spoiler for cover image. No longer on hold; seller ghosted me!
  • Labyrinth: Coronation #1 Wondercon Exclusive (Archaia, 2017; wrap-around cover by Ramon Perez). Offering $175 for a NM or better copy. See spoiler for cover image.
  • Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special (Boom, 2016). Not any of the variant covers, just the normal printing. I'm looking for a CGC 9.8 slab here. The census is up to 59 of these, so why can I not find one? GoCollect estimates a $42 FMV. I'll pay $125.
  • I am also interested in CGC 9.8 slabs of Labyrinth: the Movie #1 or #2, newsstand printings only. I know that at least one such slab exists for #2 (and sold for less than $100 at Heritage). It's obviously impossible to know in general how many of the existing slabs have bar codes. These are niche items; if you've got one, reach out to me and we can negotiate value. I think some of my other offers here make it clear that I'm not going to lowball you on these.


Rising Stars

  • I'm looking for a copy of Rising Stars #0 Wizard Authentic Edition. Yes, the gimmicky American Entertainment exclusive signed book with the chintzy hologram sticker applied to the cover. The normal version is maaaaybe a $10 book, and let's be real, no one collects these stupid Authentic Editions at this point. Offering $25 here.
  • If you have 9.8 (Universal, please; I do not collect SS books) slabs from this series you are looking to unload, please reach out to me. For a reasonably good guess as to which books I don't have, feel free to peek at the corresponding Registry set. As far as prices go, this series was hot for a little while a few years ago, so I may or may not be willing to match highest-sold prices, but I do try to be competitive with regard to the current market.
  • I am also attempting to determine how late into this series newsstand printings were distributed. I own a newsstand copy of Rising Stars #16. I am virtually certain that #22-24 do not have separate newsstand printings (note: all copies of those three issues have direct-market barcodes). I will pay $20 for any newsstand copy of #17 through #21, if such books exist, regardless of condition (obviously, I'd prefer higher grade copies than travesties, but I'll take beaters for a reference set if that's what presents itself for now). Same offer stands for a newsstand #14, which 100% absolutely exists.

Miscellaneous Video Game Tie-ins

A lot of the books that will go in this section are fairly obscure pack-ins or promotional pieces. Even more so than the rest of the drek I collect, establishing a FMV for these is going to be really, really difficult. If there's any evidence of an existing market price, I'll try to make offers upfront. If I have no idea what a book might be worth, I'm more likely to want to negotiate based on your investment in the item and its condition. I hope the rest of this WTB makes it clear that I'm not here to lowball people on these books.

  • I am looking to upgrade my beater copy of the Dark Horse comics Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary promotional variant cover. The normal book is going for surprisingly high prices on the secondary market, but I'm pretty serious about wanting to upgrade my variant. Offering a cool $100 for a 9.2+ candidate. If you've got something that's better than mine (not hard), but 9.0 or worse, let me know; I may still be interested. See my current copy's entry in the PGM forum to know what condition you have to surpass (and to see what this book looks like if you're not familiar with it).
  • If you have a physical copy of Contra: The Comic (2002), I'm interested. As far as I know, this was exclusively distributed as a pack-in with the Japanese release of the PS2 game Contra: Shattered Soldier (真魂斗羅). Literally zero market history that I can find for this. I expect prices are going to be heavily dependent on condition (all. black. covers...) where it's located, and how much the current owner is into it for.
  • Because I think it's funny, I wouldn't mind owning a copy of The Cheetahmen (Active Enterprises, 1991). This comic was exclusively available as a pack-in with the (in)famous Action 52 unauthorized NES cartridge. You can see scans of it at the Internet Archive. Like the game itself, it's so bad that it's awesome. A comic-only sale in June 2021 (of indeterminate condition) went for $50. I'll match that price.


  • I recently picked up a copy of Kim "Howard" Johnson's self-published fanzine-ish The Complate Monty Python #1. I'd be interested in picking up copies of #2 and #3. I know that condition is generally pretty poor on those, as most were sold through mail-order. Exact offers likely depend on condition, but let's start with $50 each and work from there.
  • Previous versions of my WTB threads included a "9.8 Creation Incentive Program" where I tried to bribe people into including specific books in their Modern pre-screenings in an effort to create 9.8 slabbed copies. After a year of trying, I got no bites, and so am giving up on that particular plan. With that said, if you plan to submit a stack of books for 9.8 pre-screening, and have legitimate 9.8 candidates from Babylon 5, Midnight Nation, or Rising Stars (especially the variants) sitting around, please check in with me.


  • I am always looking to upgrade anything that's under 9.8 in my Black Hole or Midnight Nation registry sets. I am especially interested in the 9.9 copies of Midnight Nation #1 and Top Cow Classics in Black & White: Midnight Nation #1 slabbed waaay back in the red-label era, in 2001. If you have those books and are willing to sell, please reach out to me. We will work something out.
  • I am always interested in high grade copies of EverQuest Online Adventures: The Quest for Darkpaw or the Bablyon 5 promotional mini-comic for The Lost Tales.
  • I will entertain offers on Marvel Super Special #40 that would upgrade my 9.4, although I'm really most interested in jumping to a 9.8 if I'm going to upgrade.
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Thanks to a tip, I've got a 9.4 Marvel Super Special #40 on the way. Still would love to own that in 9.8 someday, but it'll do for now. Removed that one from the want list.

...and added Diablo: Sword of Justice, in case anyone has a full run in NM or better that they want to offload.

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A lot of little changes. The DC Diablo series is off the list, the Dark Horse variant is on, along with a few more obscure video game pack-ins. Expect more of those in future.

Also, the ECCC Labyrinth cover is on hold here for now, as I'm in negotiations for a copy elsewhere. Wish me luck. And then sell me the freaking WonderCon variant!!

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A little over a week until Christmas. Sell me one of my missing presents! 

One note: the ECCC Labyrinth variant is still sort of pending a transaction, but I'm not so confident at this point. If you have one, let me know. Worst case, I end up with two!

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