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Shipping Fast Pass & Not Reinventing The Wheel
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Whenever I call CGC to see what’s going on with a submission, it is “in line for shipping.”

Long lines are the bane of man’s existence. We hate them. No one likes waiting, for literally anything. 

Disneyland/Disneyworld figured out long lines many years ago: a fast pass. Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel here guys? Isn’t it obvious?

A premium CGC Shipping Fast pass service is what the people need. By paying a premium on top of the premiums we already have paid to grade our cards, we can bypass this shipping line and see our cards sooner.

Disney figured out their waiting in line problem — you just make a 2nd line for the more fortunate. And Disney is the most magical place on earth! Imagine how magical the CGC shipping department would be after rolling this out. Think about it CGC. 

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The comics grading service has optional fast track service and “express” tier, obviously for more money.  I suspect eventually the cards will too, but they’re probably still working out a lot of startup kinks first.

obvoiusly every one wants their stuff faster, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic and Cgc got new ownership this year and they just started grading cards this year.  ThiNgs take time to plan, organize, and rollout.  

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