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My attempt at cleaning 101 of a Punisher 10 - what sort of grade increase or decrease will I get?
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As a Whilce Portico / Punisher / Daredevil copper age fan I was long overdue to add a Punisher vol 2 #10 to my PC. There was a copy available on eBay down here for a long time which was in good shape, apart from a small but annoying mark which looked like a +4 written in the middle of the front cover. D&D scribble maybe :) On close inspection of the photos it looked like it might be pencil rather than indelible ink. So after getting it for a good best offer price I set about cleaning it today. See the results in the photos below.... ???





What if it tears the paper, ruins the gloss and causes a larger permanent smudge.... :frown:



Yes, it worked! By lightly rubbing the writing with a clean quality eraser I was able to remove it completely. After that I carefully brushed away the rubber crumbs. What impact does removing such a mark have on it's grade? What easy cleaning techniques do you know? 

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Impact? When held to the light is there any sign, anything at all, that shows where you have been with the rubber? If not then I guess zero impact. Now go in with a magnifier and look for raised or abraded fibres on the cover. Indents from where you rubber? If answer is none then you've made a success of it. 

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On 11/4/2021 at 1:15 AM, MattrixAlien said:

What easy cleaning techniques do you know? 

I know I can get this book in a cgc 9.8 for under $100 A 9.6 9.4 for under $50 And a NM for under $20

He will win who knows when to clean and when not to clean.

All seriousness good work. If you did it perfect only you will know. If you did a good job most buyers graders won't notice. If you did poor then the grade difference won't be much but a eraser rub will blend in better than pencil.

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On 11/5/2021 at 6:41 AM, joeypost said:

Agreed. That small of an amount won’t have an affect in grade unless you took off gloss. 

Thanks for the responses everyone. The consensus is the small amount of writing wouldn't have impacted the grade anyway. I think the copy without writing on the cover presents better though and would in turn sell faster and for more. 

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