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CGC Video Games and Trading Card Question
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Limited Run will send a trading card with their video games.  I was wondering, do I send this trading card with the video game to get graded together OR am i going to have to send both items to get graded separately?

Thanks Everyone!


Pic: is an example of what i am talking about.


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CGC only grades Pokemon and MTG trading cards, so they will not grade that particular card.

As for the video game, CGC has yet to announce which game cases they will be grading.  My guess is they will be focusing on older game boxes and then move up to newer games.  Each game case (n64, Sega, PS1, Gameboy, DS, etc) all have different sized boxes, so they will have to develop/order/test all of these. 

Maybe I'm wrong and Switch games will come available right off the start, but we won't know until they make the announcement.

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